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  1. That sounds like the Scottish penchant for deep-fried Mars Bars. Yuck! ^I see chillumpuffer has already beat me to it!
  2. ^^They look nice, yum, yum. It's a shame I'll never get the chance to sample one.
  3. What exactly are Twinkies? I hear them mentioned in US shows and films all the time. A simualr situation can be found in the UK. Branston Pickle, which has been around forever, was recently sold to a Japanese company.
  4. My copy of 'Celebration Day' didn't arrive in the post. Royal Mail are beyond useless. There's always tomorrow... I hope everyone who got their's today is enjoying it.
  5. I went to see the new Bond film today. I'm not into Bond, but went along with my partner to see it. It was a trip out the house. I thought the film was fantastic; I really enjoyed it much more than I was expecting to. I liked the fact that a lot of the film was set in the U.K. It made it more realistic for me.
  6. I was only teasing you Strider. I would never think you were that narrow minded when it comes to what food you'll eat, or anything for that matter. Yes, I have seen that photo of you before, and I remember you telling me about the vegan restaurant. It reminded me of 'The Blue Moon Cafe', a great vegan place I used to frequent when I lived in Sheffield.
  7. THANK YOU Kiwi!! It's good to be back with the good folks of the forum!
  8. What a great interview. Was that filmed in The Tower House I wonder? The interior looks very gothic. I'm so excited about the prospect of new material next year.
  9. It's lovely and sunny here today, feels almost like spring! I'm sure it won't last long.
  10. I never wear trousers or jeans. I'm a strictly dresses or skirts girl.
  11. ^^I agree Melanie. The dark blue really suits him; very dashing! But then Jimmy would look good in anything.
  12. I should imagine they'll have it on throughout the day on the BBC News channel if they're not giving a specific time. I expect it will also be on the BBC News website tomorrow under the entertainment section. Hopefully this interview will be more insightful and longer than Jools Holland's last night!
  13. ^^^Thank you!!! You look as though you're really savouring your vegan beverage of choice. Not brave enough to try the food, eh?
  14. Oh Strider, you and I and many other members here know that's not true. Until we see the 'official' Strider, we'll have to be content the cute kid in your avatar who makes me smile every time I see his cheeky face.
  15. Thank you planted and Strider. It's great to be back.
  16. I'm back on the forum after a rather long hiatus so thought I would post a more recent photo of me. This is me at The Tate Gallery in London for the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition in September. Jimmy Page's stunning Edward Burne-Jones' tapestries were on display inside.
  17. I watched the Danish film, A Royal Affair, last night and really enjoyed it. Historical drama is one of my favourite genres anyway, and I particularly enjoyed the historical context of the Enlightenment ideas.
  18. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  19. Does anyone know if this will be broadcast on British TV? I have Sky TV, but don't know what channel is likely to show it.
  20. ^Thanks for posting this Steve. I'll look forward to watching it. Now if only Jimmy would be willing to get his guitar out after the chat.
  21. There are two more showings for Celebration Day in my local cinema, one on Thursday 15th Nov. and one on Friday 16th Nov. The Friday showing has already sold out. I am seriously thinking of booking the Thursday showing. I know I'll have the DVD a week on Monday, but would love the chance to experience it on the big screen again. ^Cookie0024, I managed to buy a poster off someone I know who went to the London premier. I have it framed and in prize on place on the wall in my office. It's not the best photo. It's very bright here today so there's lots of glare from the glass.
  22. When I originally pre-ordered Amazon only had the NTSC version. I thought it was strange because NTSC is for the American market, Pal is the format for Europe. I contacted Amazon about it, and they said they'd had get in contact with the provider. The following day I had an email from Amazon saying a Pal version was now available. So UK customers can buy both NTSC and Pal versions. I can play NTSC DVDs on my DVD player in my bedroom, but I'm not sure about the main one in my lounge. In the end I went for the Pal format. I haven't got a blu-ray player, so ordered the 2 DVD set. I don't know wha
  23. Jimmy Page in a recent interview, 'Don't listen to Led Zeppelin in MP3'. Personally I have no interest in downloads whatsoever. Long live vinyl and CDs.
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