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  1. ^ I have the Japanese box set as well. I got the Remasters box set when it first came out. Those discs have been played to death that most of them skip in places. I do prefer to listen to the complete albums these days, and never feel the need to skip a track.
  2. My copy is on its way to me. I don't think I've read hardly any of these interviews before so I expect most of it will be new to me. I will post my review once I've received and had a chance to do some reading.
  3. I was at my local Vue and had the same issues. There were lots of people going out early in the film, I presume to complain. It did get louder, but it could have been so much better. I anticipated feeling the beats from Kashmir as well as hearing them, and it just didn't happen. The James Bond trailer was louder than the beginning of the film. It sounded a little distorted by the end as well.
  4. I went along to a screening last night. It was at a small town cinema and was around two thirds full. There were lots of Zep heads that must have seen them in the '70s, as well an many younger viewers who seemed just as enthusiastic. I recognised a few students that I teach. It's hard to convey in words how incredible I thought the film was. This may be the last thing Zeppelin ever do together, but it can also be regarded as a pinnacle of their career. Despite some initial sound issues that other members have posted about, by the time IMTOD kicked off the theatre was really rocking. They re
  5. Voume was a problem here as well. When the Tampa newsreel footage started to play I could hardly hear it, and then I thought to myself this is going to disappointing. By the time IMTOD started the volume had gone up significantly, and then it just seemed to get louder and louder as the film progressed. So overall not a bad experience re. the voume, but they could have got it right from the start.
  6. I got my tickets a day or so after the cinema screening of the concert was announced. I wasn't visiting this forum at the time, and a good friend of mine here informed me about it via email. A big thank you to him. I immediately went online not expecting my small town cinema to be showing the film, but to my astonishment they were and I booked two tickets strainght away. I paid £10 for each which is only slighlty more expensive than a regular cinema ticket here. I'm going to see the film tonight at 8pm at the VUE in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire - about 6 minutes away by car. I'l
  7. I am going to a showing at 8 tonight at my provincial cinema a couple of miles away. The anticipation is killing me!! For a small town cinema, it has some decent sized screens and good surround sound. I just hope have they have the sound cranked up enough. I concur with Strider, there's no such thing as too loud when it comes to Zeppelin!
  8. It was great to see Zep back together again, really enjoyed the press conference. I thought they all seemed laid back and to be enjoying the moment The build up to the cinema screening and DVD/CD release is too much. To quote Captain George from Blackadder, I'm as excited as a very exciteable person who has a special reason to be excited.
  9. Such fanastic news, at long last! :thumbsup: I've got my ticket booked for October 17 at 8pm at my local cinema. I hope they crank the voulme up. They are also showing it on Sunday 21 October in the afternoon. Strider I hope you manage to sort something out, and get to to see it. It would be a shame to miss out.
  10. Nothing to see here either, too much cloud cover. I suppose I'll just have to wait another 100 years.
  11. ^^^ Kiwi it's wonderful to be back and see that you are here too!! I've always had a soft spot for snowmen (and snowladies!). I wish I was there with you in NZ. I'm roasting here in the UK!
  12. You're welcome Kenog. It's great to be back. Thanks for posting those lovely photos of Jimmy at the party. The few seconds on the news clip wasn't enough for me!
  13. To my surprise and delight I saw that Jimmy featured on news story last night on the BBC, albiet for a couple of seconds. He was attending a party at the Royal Academy to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I wonder what Jimmy actually thinks of the monarchy. The video for the story can be seen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18183680
  14. ' I mean Led Zeppelin didn't write tunes everybody liked. They left that to the Bee Gees.' Wayne Campbell, Wayne's World RIP Robin.
  15. I've been away too long. I have to commend you Strider for providing the members here with such an enthralling read. Your stories from '77 are truly transporting. I'll stop now before I inflate your ego anymore!
  16. I saw this reported in the Guardian yesterday. At last some good news for higher education in the UK. It's nice to see the Humanities getting the money too. Mrs Ertegun, the band and everyone involved should be very proud of themselves.
  17. I'm sorry to hear that Kiwi, especially when you're vegetarian. I eat a banana and an apple every day.
  18. That great news Kiwi! Enjoy the time you have together.
  19. Not being able to visit my nephew who was born last week because I'm snowed in.
  20. ^^ Fool, that's such a lovely photo of Leo. Thanks for posting.
  21. Great posts Strider. Thank you for taking so much time to share your wonderful memories with us.
  22. Hi Preetha!:) Lovely to see you on here. I will email you this week. I have some exciting news to tell you.;) Rachel

  23. I watched the first episode last night, and really enjoyed it. There was quite a bit of Jimmy in it. Next week's episode is called 'Stairway to Heaven'.
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