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  1. It's lovely to have you back Fool. Enjoy your retirement for the time being! How's your little grandson Leo doing?
  2. I watched this recently and I liked it a lot more than I was expecting to. It's very much a human story with hardly any CGI except for the opening sequence. I saw this the other night and I thought it was really good. The directing sytle is very similar to a Hitchcock film, edge-of-your seat stuff.
  3. No Jimmy here. I see a very nice looking lady with long brown locks and a warm smile.
  4. Julie, I assume that's you in your new avatar. It's nice to finally see you mate!
  5. I bought Page and Plant Live in Irvine (link below) from Amazon. As it was Amazon that was selling it I assumed it was an official release, but one of the reviews claims that it's a bootleg! Either way, it's still a great show and worth the purchase. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Page-Plant-Live-Irvine-DVD/dp/B001FACAXY/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1318687538&sr=8-10
  6. How did I miss seeing this post?! That was the most incredible account of a Zeppelin concert ever posted on here; reading it I felt like I was there. I'm truly in awe Strider.
  7. Thankfully far enough away that I never need to venture into Stoke. It's the place to be if you want to bored witless by lots of old pots! I hope you enjoyed the Foo Fighters Strider.
  8. Thanks Preetha. I felt like having a change! I may keep this one for while. Rachel :)

  9. Trentham Gardens is just a few milles away from me. It's hard to believe that Zep' actually played in Stoke. No band would like that would play in Stoke today!
  10. Whatever is discounted when I go to the supermarket! Most kids don't make that much of an effort here, so I don't either. I may get a few special treats in for the ones that have put some thought into their costumes.
  11. Kiwi snap (me too!)! What a great show that is, and Robert is on such good form despite recovering from the flu.
  12. Enjoy Kiwi, I know you will! What made me happy today? I haven't got to go into work again until next week!
  13. I had a throat infection like that once so I know how awful it feels. Stay at home as long as you can and rest, and drink lots of water. I hope you're feeling better very soon.
  14. Great photos Kenog, thanks for posting them. It's great to see Jimmy looking so healthy and happy.
  15. Led Zeppelin figures in Toys R Us! Just the thought of it makes me shudder!
  16. I bought a stereo system in the '90s and it's still my main stereo that I use today. It has a mini disc player built in. At the time I bought it it was the cutting edge of technology. I never bought any albums on minidisc, but I did buy some blank ones to fill up with music, and I still have those. Compared to tapes, the sound quality of minidiscs was/is really good. Also they're a lot more durable than CDs. Apparently Japan still manufactures minidisc players.
  17. I know I've not been around for a few weeks and it's a bit late now, but many congratulations on your wedding, and wishing you lots of happiness in your future life together.

  18. ^^Kiwi you and millions like you around the planet carry his legacy with you everytime you listen to your ipod. I agree it's a very sad loss for the world of technology.
  19. ^^I agree with Strider Kiwi. If you can gather any concrete evidence to implicate this professor then you should contact the Head of Department or even someone more senior in the university. Even if you can't get the evidence, I still think you should write an anonymous letter outlining what has occured. He deserves to get the sack for behaviour like that, and it makes me sick that people in senior positions can get away with it. In UK universitities it's now forbidden for students and lecturers to have relationships. When I was at university I once overheard a senior Professor commenting on
  20. I received my very first complete Zep' bootlegs this morning from a very kind and generous friend I met here. He's made me more happy than he probably realises.
  21. I never realised H&M was now in the US. I was in H&M in Sheffield the other week and I swear all the clothes are undersized, either that or I've put on lots of weight since I last went clothes shopping.
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