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  1. Just dropping by to say hello, and that I loved the CD you sent me for my brithday. Thank you Preetha! :)

  2. ^^^I'm also relieved that you're feeling much better now Kiwi! Real Groovy (I know you well, and I know that's your favourite store!) must think that you're after a job Kiwi! Enjoy your new purchases! I'm still feeling happy after my birthday last week, enjoying all the lovely pressies I got (espeically a beautiful card and an amazing CD from a certain person here! ).
  3. Hi Fool, I hope your leg gets better soon, that sounds nasty! I know what you mean about flies. We have a cow shed at the bottom of the garden, and we always get flies in the house if we open the window even just for a few minutes. This year I swear they've become immune to both fly paper and the repellent spray! I can't wait the colder weather to get here either!
  4. I heard it on the grapevine that Meat Loaf can be a real git. I'm not keen on Kylie either. I personally find Bono to be very irritating - too preachy.
  5. I have a renewed appreciation for Thomas Hardy after just revisting Far From The Madding Crowd.

  6. Unfortunately most of the offenders are too young to go to real prison. We need borstal sytle centres where these kids can be exposed to discipline, and can learn the values of having a work ethic and respect for those in authority.
  7. The level of ignorance amongst these kids I find particularly astounding. They don't even know which party is in government, yet by looting they seem to think they're making some sort of political statement about division between the rich and poor. We need to be teaching these kids about civic responsibility. I don't just mean the current citizenship classes which are presently a waste of time. I mean really educating them about politics and how to behave in democratic society. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14458424
  8. More than 1,000 arrests have been made in London connected to the riots, 1,500 across Britain. What saddens me is the age of some of the offenders, one is just 12. The parents of these kids have to take some responsibility for their actions. More than a 100,000 people have signed an onlin petition calling for anyone convicted of participation in the riots to lose any welfare benefits they currently receive. While I agree there needs to be some sort of severe penalty that goes beyond being convicted with a criminal record, I think this will only make the situation worse. As far as I'm aw
  9. Lovely. Leo is the perfect name for a baby born on the 1st August. He's a big boy too! Enjoy your first cuddle.
  10. Happy belated birthday Sean. I'm really sorry that I missed it! Rachelx

  11. What great news Kate and Danny! Many congratulations! Yes, please let us know his name.
  12. Hi Danny London gets everything already! You've already got the Olympics to look forward to! Nothing ever happens in rural Staffordshire. If they arrived they could land near me in the countryside where there's plenty of space for them. They could park their flying saucers illegally in the field down the road from me with the members from the 'travelling community'. It will be months or probably even years before the local council moves them on. Magic
  13. Sorry Knebby, I didn't see that. It was a lovely gesture on Robert's part.
  14. See the story on bbc news below: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-14272122
  15. I'm really sorry to hear that Danny. Once Turkey joins the EU they'll be even more competition for jobs.
  16. I like her hair (not the woman herself though!). It's similar to my hair (except mine's not red). Danny, I saw Murdoch getting attacked live. I have to confess that it made me jump, and I wasn't even there! It makes you wonder how that man got so close with that shaving foam with all those police officers present.
  17. ^^ Who said the British eat bland food?!
  18. I'm so behind the times. I haven't even seen The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 yet. I suppose I should watch them in order to avoid any confusion. I'm trying to remember what exactly a horcrux is.
  19. It's lovely to see you back on here again Kenog.
  20. The website has improved so much already. The problem with reading the text has been sorted, which was my main gripe yesterday. The site itself seems to be running smoothly now. Jimmy must have 1000s of photos he could of uploaded on there for the launch. I expect he's holding lots of things back so we have something to look forward to in the future. I am just happy that he finally has his own official site.
  21. Welcome. I really enjoyed your most recent post on Jimmy's new website. I hope to see you around of the forum. Magic

  22. A very good post Scarecrow with lots of thoughtful analysis. I hope you are right. I think Jimmy has put a lot of thought and consideration into the words on his new site hinting at a new direction in his career, rather than bombarding fans with lots of old material.
  23. Apart from the colour of the text, I think the website, like everything Jimmy does, is very slick and classy. I really like the 'On This Day' feature. It's made clear in the news section that it's an 'evolving' website so hopefully we can expect more from it in the future.
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