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  1. I've managed to log in. In the 'news' section I don't like the gold coloured text on the dark blue background. I think it's difficult to read. There's not enough contrast between the two colours.
  2. The entire website seems to be down now...
  3. I just got the email to say the website was open, but I couldn't log in with my details. I had to re-register as well. The site's slow, but working. I love the guitar intro, I presume that's new material. Edited to add: that 'page not found' is coming up when I try to log in.
  4. It's 10.23 am UK time and still nothing. I got up early this morning in eager anticipation of the website being up. This is like his bloody book all over again (not that I'm ungrateful ).
  5. Like most British people, I'm disgusted and appalled by the tactics used by News International in order to obtain private information, especially the revelations that have come out in the last two days. This video makes very interesting (and satisfying) viewing: There will always be a place for newspapers, and we shouldn't tarnish all newspapers with the same brush. The Guardian has helped to expose the deceit at News International and bring down The News of the World. The News of the World is casting itself as a victim in all this, and its last issue used cheap sentimentality to sell
  6. Hi Danny, I would think or at least hope that Jimmy does. He has photos from the rehearsals, and I would be very surprised if no one was there officially recording them. But this is Zeppelin, and as we all know, they deny their fans so much great material. I was under the impression that the official DVD would be released this year, probably in December. I don't know whether that has changed. I also have an audience recording of the show, but the sound quality isn't great. I'll try not to get my hopes up too much about an official DVD until we get a get and official date for its release.
  7. So I did. I'm feeling rather brain dead today after a very late night last night.
  8. Fixed that for you. I had to look that one up.
  9. I'm sorry, but please could you explain what extactly you've 'fixed'. I see no problem with my spelling or use of the word 'omissive'.
  10. One of the things I find particularly annoying in modern English is the misuse of apostrophes, especially in plural decades like the '1970's'. I see this misuse not only in students' essays, but also in advertising and even in newspapers. The authors should ask themselves, what purpose does this apostrophe serve? It's not ommissive or possessive, so it's not needed. I have to confess, I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi!
  11. Hi Preetha, I think so!:D I had to come onto the forum to thank Sean. I will email you very soon! Rachel :)

  12. It's now officially grammatically incorrect in the UK to use the Oxford or serial comma. Inserting the cojunction 'and' into a sentence when listing particular things makes the comma redundant. For this reason, Oxford University has recently abandoned the use of the comma. However, in compounded sentences, like 'The dog barked, and then ran away.', I would use a comma.
  13. These sound amazing to me amazing, not having heard many Zep' boots before I'm just really blown away by all of these. It's a tad frustrating to only hear the opening chords of Ramble On. I just hope Jimmy releases some of these with the official DVD.
  14. Hi there, I know I haven't been on the forum very much lately.I just wanted to drop by and say hello and I hope you're doing well.

  15. Same here Fool. I went outside to have a look and it was so cloudy I couldn't see anything. Total lunar eclipses are fairly common, unlike solar eclipses, so maybe next time.
  16. I didn't want to start a new thread for this so I dragged this old one up. For members in Britain, there will be a total lunar eclipse tonight starting around 9.00pm, although we won't be able to see very much until it gets really dark. There's meant to be virtually no cloud cover so the viewing conditions should be good. Although it's rather over-cast right now! I'm hoping to get some photos on my camera.
  17. Of course, the BBC received lots of complaints after showing the documentary. The actual death moment wasn't drawn out, and we didn't see the actual moment when he 'died', but rather the moment he slipped into a coma. When the camera returned to the man he was gone. There was no voyeurism whatsoever in the documentary like there seems to have been in the video you mention above. I didn't want to watch someone die, I missed the first few minutes of the documentary when the BBC issued its warning about 'disturbing images'. I probably would have switched the channels even though I'm interested in
  18. Hi Fool Thanks for that video, I'm just going to watch it now. You can see the Terry Pratchett documentary on the BBC iPlayer. I should warn you that it does contain a scene towards the end of someone actually taking their own life at the Swiss clinic Dignitas. I was rather shocked the BBC showed it, but I'm glad they did. There are a few seconds that are uncomfortable viewing, but compared to the other ways terminally ill people die, I think it's a very peaceful way to go.
  19. Thank you Brad. My hair's brown rather than black, but then I suppose the song wouldn't really fit!
  20. People with terminal illnesses are usually unable to 'do it with sytle'. This is a really serious issue and not one to be made light of. Did any British members happen to see the extremely moving and controversial documentary Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die that was on the BBC on Monday? The documentary has only reinforced my view that euthanasia should be made legal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h78xGb83J8U&feature=related
  21. A very happy birthday John. Your fans across the world miss you every day. With much love Magic
  22. I think it's a great shame that people identify Stephen Hawking with his synthetic voice, rather than his original scientific ideas and to his credit he's had a lot. An IR censor in his cheek lets him twitch to spell and speak words. I know it seems unnatural hearing him speak this way. I agree with Danny, that Hawking, like any disabled person, deserves the right to be kept alive at the expense of the taxpayer. He's contributed so much to the world of science, and continues to contribute to our understanding of the universe, as well as helping to educate the next generation of scientists
  23. Able-bodied people who park in disabled bays because they can't be bothered walking. They should have their car wheels clamped.
  24. Leah here are the photos from the 1980 European Tour as promised.
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