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  1. I've been wanting to see this for time now, I finally got around to seeing it last night and it didn't disappoint. I think it's one of those films that you'll either love or hate.
  2. That's a nice college you've put together Leah. You can get away with that kind of thing when you're a teenager, I miss those days. My partner would go mad if I assembled anything like that in the house. I already have a couple of Zeppelin posters in my office at home, and he still complains that my Zeppelin memorabilia is taking over the house! This is coming from a man who has tin ear when it comes to music, he just doesn't understand the passion that's involved!
  3. Yes, there are a couple. I'm very busy at the moment with work, but I'll try and photograph them over the weekend, and I'll post them on here for you sometime next week.
  4. Go ahead, there are lots of anti-evolution cranks out there publishing tripe like this. I could have a Nazi-style book burning rally in my back garden, with your book as the centre-piece. With reagrds to the monkey theory which you seem to dismiss out of hand, there are LOTS of mathematical equations to support it. That's not to say it's not without its critics, but there isn't a theory in the academic world that isn't. I first came across it in a book called The Philosophy of Social Science by Martin Hollis as an undergraduate at university where I spent 7 years learning and trying to unde
  5. If you have to stoop to such personal criticisms then you obviously think you're on the losing side on argument. I like an intelligent deabte, that's all, because I'm an academic. Maybe you think women can't use their brains judging from the amount of soft-porn you post on here.
  6. Well that explains a lot, doesn't it? For the record, it's possible to grow long hair and have a PhD at the same time. Just ask Dr Brian May.
  7. Hi Danny The monkey and the typewriter is used as anaology to emphasise how randomness can produce something intelligent without there necessarily being an intelligent omniscient presence driving it. If you think about it though, evolution did put a group of monkeys together and one of them eventually did write The Complete Works of Shakespeare.
  8. The 'Infinite Monkey Theorem' supports this line of reasoning. This theory states that if monkeys (which in this theory are used as a metaphor for an abstract device) were given typewriters and hit keys at random over the course of billions of years they would eventually type out The Complete Works of Shakespeare. The universe and life as we know it evolved through this same pattern of randomness.
  9. We can see and feel the world around us, and science can prove its existence and explain where it came from. God on the other hand is, to quote John Lennon, a 'concept' that we've made up to help us explain things we don't understand. The material world is an objective reality, God is subjective perception of what we think might exist.
  10. I've never seen one myself, but my mum did in the 1980s. She's an amateur astronomer, and was driving home from her astronomy club and she saw a really bright object in the sky, not a flying saucer, but aircraft of some description which just vanished into space. Being an astronomer, she knew it wasn't a celestial object. There was, however, a military airbase nearby. UFOs are, as Danny says above, unidentified flying objects, it doesn't necessarily mean they are of alien origin.
  11. Both of these statements support Einstein's original proposition that 'God doesn't play dice' - uncertainly is only provisional in science. However, in astrophysics today God is bound by the Uncertainty Principle where we cannot know the position and speed of a particple. There will always be unpredictablity in the universe. I know that Hawking in his most recent publications supports this line of argument. He stated in a recent lecture 'it seems Einstein was doubly wrong when he said, God does not play dice. Not only does God definitely play dice, but He sometimes confuses us by throwing
  12. Hi Leah, I like all kinds of art. I prefer more classical art to modern art, but I like visiting art galleries and keeping an open mind. I also dabble in a bit of painting myself when I get the time. Magic :) P.S I like your background.

  13. I have always believed that if aliens were to ever visit us then they would be peaceful as a violent and destructive species would have inevitably destroyed themselves before they could ever progress far enough to travel across the universe. Stephen Hawking's Universe takes a different view. This wouldn't be a very peaceful scenario! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKjr5OFqhLo The flaw with this scenario is that it's based on human charactersitics.I don't think think we can ever possibly know what the intentions would be of a species of such higher intelligence than us. Maybe they'd b
  14. I don't even know who this Imogen is! What war would that be Danny? I'm about to have my dinner - a prawn Goebbels, a Hermann Goering, and a Colditz salad.
  15. It's an interesting theory, and one I personally find more plausible than a lot of what's written in the Bible. I did watch an interesting documentary on National Geographic about Stonehenge being built or inspired by an alien civilisation. There are details about it here: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episode/stonehenge-decoded-3372/inspired-aliens Anyway, I do believe that there is other intelligent life in the universe, although I don't believe that we are being visited by UFOs today. If we were, I'm sure we'd have concrete proof.
  16. Welcome to the forum Leah. I hope you have lots of fun here! I also really like art. Magic :)

  17. Hi and welcome! Wow you went to the O2 concert and you met Jimmy in London! I can't say I'm not just a bit jealous! What was he like? I agree with Melanie though, it's not the greatest picture of him, but you got to meet and that's what counts! He must love having fans that are so young and listening to Zeppelin. Magic
  18. You look lovely. I like your hair Melanie, it looks a bit like mine!
  19. Out of the ones listed I picked Ten Years Gone, but there are so many others that I love just as much...The Rain Song, The Rover, Kashmir, No Quarter, That's The Way.
  20. Kiwi that is quite large for a woman. If NZ is anything like here, you must find it difficult buying shoes in that size. If it makes you feel any better, most supermodels have feet that are a size 10 or 11. I'm a size 6 which is average for a woman today, but means all shoes in my size sell out quickly during sale time!
  21. Brad, sorry to hear you've been suffering from back pain. I'm most defintely a day person though. I have a very strict body clock which usually kicks in around 11.00pm. I can rarely stay awake later than mid-night. I need at least eight hours sleep or I can't function the next day.
  22. At the weekend I brought home an abandoned guinea pig from my local pet adoption centre. I have called her Betty and she's incredibly cute. I will post a photo on the pet thread once she's settled in. She's rather camera shy at the moment.
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