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  1. Thank you for resurecting this thread which I had forgotten I had contributed to. It should also be noted that Adam had only three months to make his album because 19 Entertainment wanted it out before Christmas, and he was also touring with the American Idols tour at the time and fitting in recording around this, so it's not surprising that there are songs written by other people such as Lady Gaga, Justin Hawkins and Muse on there, the songs he did co write himself are some of the best on the Album and suit him better than those written by the celebrity writers that were brought in to help hi
  2. I apologise in advance if I annoy anyone by posting here, but I have been a Zepplin fan for many years, and have recently become an Adam Lambert fan after finding him while channel hopping a few months ago. I am in no way an American Idol fan or a fan of any of those other shows. I just thought that some of you may be intrested in how Adam is singing WLL now on the American Idol Tour, that is the full version with minimal censorship. He isn't Robert Plant, but that's no bad thing, who wants a copycat anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqpFDEQBI_4
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