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  1. just my 2 cents, from what I have seen the texas show was a major step up ! Loved in the mood here and the energy seemed very high from robert and he seemed far more comfortable having fun this time. the crowd seems beside themselves. What am I missing? He also seemed to do a longer version of down to the sea which I was wanting and that cheered me up quite a bit. Tangerine was also new right? Anyway it seemed the best show to date. That was also said by the guy posting it on youtube. seems hes been to all or most of them. PS see whomever makes to the miami show! we figure mushrooms then brownies for dinner :-)
  2. Shout OUT from Fort Lauderdale

  3. lol silliest topic ever but, I never said he did not live in london, only that he had a house here, which I believe you disagreed with. so of the 2 of us I would be the one not needing a told you so. Hope ya see though I am not being hostile. just saying what I know etc. only said it in first place to let others know. his house warming was awesome thing indeed. what I remember of it. robert is only one I have yet to meet, since he is my favorite of them I feel not that proud. the rolling papers JPJ signed are cool though, we will be using one for roberts show. silly yes but binds it all together for me. BTW seems UK is getting alot of special treatment, which is cool, but I am still a little puzzled why o2 was held in UK where they were kind of ignored for a good while instead of US where they have such a massive fanbase. sorry rambling aloud on keyboard...shutting up now.
  4. hi I did nnot see this til now. welcome:) if you ever wanna get together, please email me at ramzeppelin@yahoo.com. I know few great places for music, could have a social night out.

  5. he did nobodys fault in manic nirvana tour, do not remember him doing that on any of now and zen shows. Also my dad took me to shows since i was a baby, eventually to help him distriute weed etc but my point is, I saw zep, sabbath, floyd, stones and many others in thier prime, but the manic nirvana show in miami is still the best show I ever saw. I still giggle, cause the sound system was amazing as hell but we could not hear for a few dyas....but not the music, but rahter the crowd was by far the loudest crowd ever for me to hear, maybe set some records decibal wise. even after the show we all sang zep songs, I means thousands of us as we were crammed in the exit spirals. Lots of amazing vibes that night. which made me promise next time I saw him I would do something special which i did. forget the mile high club, there is no better sex then at a live plant show! if you are crafty enough to find the vip balcony or some such place I highly recommend it we snuck in 6 hours early and hid in the after party room! leads to balcony which almost sat on stage! omfg. we were kind enough to not steal any of the expensive food and drink but what an amazing time!
  6. I agreed strongly with jimmy that there were almost no far off shots. I hate these concert films that show close ups of the band. I would much much much rather see them as a whole on stage and see what stage show the people there are seeing rather then yet another close up of jimmy making a "duck" face as my wife calls it. So question is will there be more of an "in attendance feel" to the 02 (if it gets released) and also why is jimmy saying now that there will not be a release most likely!!!! thanks very kindly in advance. {non related mostly but} my wife like ice skating so we watched the winter olympics online, with no commentary just the PA guy no commercials, just like you were there you saw everything including boring warmups. was the first time I actually enjoyed skating. My dearest wish is they broadcast all sports and concerts like you are there in the stadium with a in the stadium viewpoint. That would make watching such things so F*&^ing nice :-)
  7. (coment about the end of this post...her version of whole lotta love is cool cause it opens it up to a whole new type of fan base) have a listen on youtube to the girl who says shes a magnet, my wife says the same of me, zeppelin follows me everywhere. Also highschool is littered with zeppelin fans according to my son, far cry from the 80's when i was converting schoolmates. made over a 100 zep fans back then, now it seems zeppelin is the worlds most commecial group, replacing the beatles. I never thought I would see that, but thats life as the french say differently also our tv refrences are incomplete, just gotta remember them, ive seen so many its not funny. PSS the girl who sang stairway to heaven on american idol was not a contestant, look it up and youll be surprised who it was, and I disagree, she did awesome with it. the hot blond guitarist was amazing too. steve vai and mary j blige but who was that awesome hot chick on guitar, we need to get her a band. search youtube for it listening to it now, really listen to the whole thing, awesome r and b vibe to the song. kudos cause blige shocked me. PS. check out her other version on youtube she also covered whole lotta love and says she was a zeppelin fan her whole life! you cannot compare it to zep, think that blige is a zep fan, thats coolness i believe, zep is all about mixing all forms of music into one great audio orgasm, i am sure page would approve.
  8. for me here is my all time zeppelin refernce. the year the rams won the super bowl they turned off all the lights in the stadium... the lights from their tunnel glowed awesome gold and blue and kashmir played, they kept that tradition for a long time, not sure if we still do, they pissed me off last few years but when i saw them at home for the first ime in my life against the vikings in the playoffs, seeing them charge out to zeppelin with lasers gave me chills, luckily had a chance to light up in the bathroom beforhand just to make it more perfect!
  9. did ya hear robert say where jimmys house was this morning? just thought i'd be all told ya so have a good one though!
  10. side note to doubters from other thread, told you jimmy lived here, lol. man people get mean over stupidest things. like it was ever a big deal. Was nice to hear robert confirm he lived right where I said, after getting such blather cause I mentioned he lived here I almost left the site. sorry rants done Otherwise he said exactly what I had figured about what style of music he will play, of course he would do zep and his other solo stuff. that doubt went out the window in 88. since then he has always to my knowledge done zep tunes at his shows. And it also made nothing but sense that this tour would rock more. who really thought he would be a folk star ?
  11. We all listening? lol moved to 8:33, they swear he will be there according to jason. got a kick out of how nervous they are about him beforehand when they speak to celebrities daily.
  12. they said thursday! last words from 25th pod cast. fyi update. so listen in thursday for plant interview.
  13. I suppose he could have sold his house in the last few years. He came into cheers, a local bar where a local dj for 105.9 fm sang in a zeppelin coverband, jimmy hired them to play his house warming. turns out I was working in that neighborhood and remembered where it was. which is less then 10 minutes away from the venue. but again anything is possible. still is exciting notion.
  14. he may whatever wherever, but I know where he has a house here and yes he spends a good time here, local bars etc catch him enough. I can tell you about his house warming the more you know...
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