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  1. Hey i was woundering if you guys could help me find a new song i could learn for guitar because i can't think of one. I only learn guitar solos so it has to be something with an awsome solo. I just learned the Heartbreaker solo which to me was pretty easy. P.s not looking for eruption or anything like that. Something challanging yet fun and something i can hear what im playing.
  2. No boring new rock soft stuff. Only good classic sounding bands But From Recent times. Any Zeppelin fan would probally love. Check out more songs though than the ones i recommended BAND Song I recommend . Buckcherry Crazy Bitch . Z02 Isolate. Shinedown Sound Of Madness Wolfmother Dimension . Rage Against The Machine Killing in the Name of Red Hot chilli Peppers Give
  3. LeD zeppelin heartbreaker solo. Not as hard as it sounds.
  4. I mean that song was not that hard and i thought is was kinda boring (my opinion) Good Riff, but then the song goes down the toliet. I think the singers voice was a little bland and boring except for the beggining of the song which i must admit was hot but only like the first 15- 20 seconds. No Robert Plant. The solo was not memorable but not bad. I would not buy that song and i don't think it has any real potential. The song doesn't stand out enough to be a hit. But who knows i've only heard one song maybe the other songs could be better hopefully.
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