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  1. BrownSugar62

    Billy Mays found dead

    Anti-ass-clownery...oh my, that is priceless! What, no anti-ass-hattery??
  2. BrownSugar62

    What Are You Reading?

    The latest issue of Shambhala Sun (a Buddhist magazine).
  3. I just wanted to say hi... and warn ya that Del thinks he left his swim trunks in someone's jacuzzi... no mention of pudding though.

  4. BrownSugar62

    What Are You Reading?

    I'm reading a book about the connection between Buddhism and psychotherapy. Yeah, the typical light and fluffy summer reading!
  5. BrownSugar62

    RIP George Carlin

    Wow. I just heard this morning. Loved the Seven Dirty Words. Dang.
  6. BrownSugar62

    The Next President of the USA will be?

    Wow...just, wow...
  7. BrownSugar62

    Evster Takes a Trip 1990

    I love spiritual journey stories. Thanks, Ev, for sharing yours.
  8. BrownSugar62


    Mmmm! I've been craving steak alot lately. Yummy! And I'm enough of a geek that I even like reading about it... http://roadfood.com/Forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=21491
  9. BrownSugar62

    The Spats Thread

    Yay, indeed! Hiya, Hermit. I was wondering where you'd gone. And Manders, mind if I come along, too? Afterall, you know Hermit & I go way back to the "shed in Del's backyard" days.
  10. BrownSugar62


    Does the Stones' "Street Fighting Man" count?
  11. BrownSugar62

    Bosses that are nuts

    I'm beginning to wonder if my boss is ADHD or bipolar. He's like that guy in the Staples commercial who freaks out because he's out of toner. I wish I could slip a valium into his coffee. Yikes.
  12. BrownSugar62

    Tip of the Day

    Never drink a martini called "Sexual Chocolate" with a beer chaser. Ye gods, what was I thinking??
  13. BrownSugar62

    Pet Peeves

    You change that beer to chocolate, and you have what my brother calls "the PMS special."
  14. BrownSugar62


    Oooh, I like that one, too...Yum! And Makers Mark is a new fave. On the rocks..yeah.
  15. BrownSugar62

    Terrible album covers.

    Egad, those are horrid (and scary-funny!). Are you guys just googling "terrible album covers"?