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  1. One step nearer to booking my holiday to Australia,next year.
  2. Had a great day and lots of laughter.
  3. yes that is sad, poor woman, you can only be there for her.
  4. good wine, good food, and good company, what else could you ask for.
  5. Went jogging this morning, before the heat of the day amazing feeling, I love it, came back to my apartment drunk water , off for a shower, meeting a friend for lunch, nice to have some time off work>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  6. I so agree with you, it has been a busy week, still the sun is out and seems everyone is in a good mood, can t wait for tonight.
  7. The sad anniversary of 9/11. People who want to argue. Not, having much time to be on the internet,because of work commitments,and holidays.
  8. A friend found a CD in a record shop in London, UK, the group was called The Datsuns, from New Zealand, they are good.
  9. Got a few days off work,next week,so will be having lie in*s, which will be nice, the following] week our shows start so will be really busy and later evenings.Nice to have sometime off to just rest, and spend time with good friends.
  10. Heard someone singing last night, or should I say trying to sing. Friends said they should stick to the day job.
  11. What makes me happy today, walking to work in beautiful sunshine. Having a lovely Italian Coffee. and knowing work is going well, and everything is on track for shows.
  12. a great evening with some great friends, couple glasses of red wine, fashion talk, and great laughter.
  13. That work went well,and collections are coming together.
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