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  1. new computer!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday ally! Health, Happiness and all good things to you ! Have another fabulous year!

  3. btw, you can PM me, I just cant reply or start a convorsation.

  4. The show was great wasn't it? I wasn't sure about the vocalist at first - they opened with "Rock and Roll" - but he grew on me. Not Robert to be sure but pretty good homage to him. The guitar player Tony was amazing too - I would imagine Jimmy is a hard man to copy. But the home video, stories and stills were a real treat! The crowd here in the peg were crazy! Big Zep fans here!! Super noisy!

  5. Hi ally! got your msg re using PM, but it doesn't matter - this is the only thing that lets me communicate without shutting down my browser. How are things in Vancouver? We're still in the midst of winter, I'm missing the daffodils we saw last year in downtown Vancouver. this is frustrating!!!! the man and I saw Jason Bohnam experience in the fall - it was GREAT!! Have you seen his show?

  6. little breaks are good - time to relax and gain a new perspective - great inspiration for creative types! Keep us posted! I suggest some travel - sharing pics is required! Later ronniedawg - have a great day!

  7. awesome! and the other irons? or will this one be monopolizing your time?

  8. computer is still not cooperatin' - grrrr! Sounds like you are a busy guy - when's the release date? Irons in the fire eh? Anything fun? More outdoor adventures? Just reading back a bit - sorry to hear about your brother - thinking of you and your family.

  9. stupid computer wont play nice and dies every time I send a PM, so ... not being an ingnorant bitch, just hampered by my sh*tty technology. How did the shooting season go last year? What's lined up next? Have a great day - I'm short timing it - a bad case of the F*ck-it Friday's. cheer! e

  10. Greetings from the Great White North! Thanks for the add ;-)

  11. Hi there Amusedoxi! How are you this winter? I've finally got a new computer and the connection is up again - yeah! The PM isn't working for me right now, so thought I'd say Hi here. Hope all is well with you - I may be able to reply to a PM, so if you feel like it - I'd love to hear from you! Paka! e

  12. Hi there! How are things in Valhalla? I'm freezing my ass off out here on the tundra! All six foot four, two hundred and sixty pounds of glory well? I'm happy to be back - see you around! ;-)

  13. Hey Ally! PM isn't working for me right now so "Hi! How are you?" Got a 'puter and connection so I'm back, just so long as this ancient iMac doen't die! Hope all is well with you - see you around! ;-)

  14. is back and glad to be here. Good to be anywhere, hey Keef?!

  15. 'puter is down. Really down. Don't get on much. Very sad. Like the new look though!

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. is a woman who likes a stiff gin, and a loose joint. Not drama, Thanks. Well, not too loose.

  18. Howdy Babs! How are things in Van?

  19. Go HABS!!!!! Good to see a fellow fan!

  20. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  22. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  23. Loved Petersburg! Was there twice - once in 1987 and again in 1997. White nights the second time, but in early spring the first time and the ice on the Neva was impressive!!

  24. Hi Amusedoxi! Love the pic along the Neva! I have been to Petersburg a couple of times! Welcome to the forum!

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