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I'm seriously thinking of writing something here ...

I LOVE music, anything really. I grew up listening to old time fiddle music, country, classical but mostly "classic rock". Went through a punk thing as a teen and still enjoy giving Gen X a listen every now and again.

My three favorite composers are Mozart, Page/Plant and The Glimmer Twins. Not necessarily always in that order.

I've seen the Stones live twice (once with my Dad, once with my Mum and in 1966 they saw them together here in Winnipeg!), David Bowie, Bon Jovi, The Northern Pikes (once at a bar in their hay day, and a couple of years ago on a reunion tour @ The Zoo here in Wpg), The Tragically Hip (AWESOME show) and I almost saw ZZTop and Aerosmith in August of last summer (2009) (Steven Tyler fell of the stage at a gig @ Sturgis a couple of days before, so we got canned, seriously this sucked) and I hate to admit it, but Huey Lewis and The News in the late 80's (BF at the time bought the tix). Pretty sure there is a few more, plus lots of music a festivals (Wpg Folk Festival and the like). I am really enjoying TCV and White Stripes lately too. The smallest boy got a nice little children's world music - it's pretty good too! I enjoy songs in other languages, you can concentrate on the emotion of the song :). One of the best live music experiences I've had was the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra doing Zeppelin - it was amazing and still gives me goosebumps!!

My Dad is a musician (bass), my granddad played the fiddle (he's been recorded into the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, guess he was pretty good, just grandpa to me) and my family had a band, so, music is important. Although, I've been neglecting this lately. My son has recently taken up the bass, he sounds pretty good and impressed me and the man last night when we overheard him playing WLL!!

The only music I don't usually volunteer to listen to is rap/hip hop/top 40.

My man and I have always enjoyed LZ, but lately have "re-discovered" them. We don't have a great collection of their music yet, but I'm working on it! This past Christmas we added Zep III and Presence to the collection.

I also have 4 kids, ages 4 - 19 years old - 3 boys and a girl. I am self employed and work at home, which is the BEST! I like to cook and bake, take photographs of God's Green Earth and my family, hiking, geocaching with my best friend and the Methral Warrior, reading and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and I love to try new things. We travel when we can and when I can talk someone into joining me, I like to get out of the city in the tent and just enjoy the trees.

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