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  1. 'puter is down. Really down. Don't get on much. Very sad. Like the new look though!

  2. awesome! and the other irons? or will this one be monopolizing your time?

  3. btw, you can PM me, I just cant reply or start a convorsation.

  4. computer is still not cooperatin' - grrrr! Sounds like you are a busy guy - when's the release date? Irons in the fire eh? Anything fun? More outdoor adventures? Just reading back a bit - sorry to hear about your brother - thinking of you and your family.

  5. Go HABS!!!!! Good to see a fellow fan!

  6. Greetings from the Great White North! Thanks for the add ;-)

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Happy belated Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday ally! Health, Happiness and all good things to you ! Have another fabulous year!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday!



  13. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  14. Hello fellow Canadian! Hope all is well with you ally, stop by and say hi when you get the chance.

  15. Hey Ally! PM isn't working for me right now so "Hi! How are you?" Got a 'puter and connection so I'm back, just so long as this ancient iMac doen't die! Hope all is well with you - see you around! ;-)

  16. Hey Led Zep Girl! Like your profile art - see you around!

  17. Hey ZeppFann,

    Great to meet you! See you around the forum. I'm new at this forum thing, so far this place is pretty cool!

    Rock on!


  18. Hey, but at least you're honest about it!!

  19. Hi Ally - looking forward to the Olympics?

  20. Hi ally! got your msg re using PM, but it doesn't matter - this is the only thing that lets me communicate without shutting down my browser. How are things in Vancouver? We're still in the midst of winter, I'm missing the daffodils we saw last year in downtown Vancouver. this is frustrating!!!! the man and I saw Jason Bohnam experience in the fall - it was GREAT!! Have you seen his show?

  21. Hi Amusedoxi! Love the pic along the Neva! I have been to Petersburg a couple of times! Welcome to the forum!

  22. Hi Melaniesue!

    This is a great place! Good to see you! Stop by and say Hi sometime!

  23. Hi Starbreaker! Greetings from the North!

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