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  1. amazing! and for the last one ....oh yes, what a hair
  2. beautiful. and ......... ............yes........I think you have yet posted it in the drawings section! mmmmm ..yes! but for Zep never enough!
  3. I was opening a topic to have informations about this one ..... so thanks for anticipated answer! and about photographic books ............ a part from this one, anyone has some recommendation? edit:I mean books of collection of photos, better if of big dimensions.
  4. (I'm sorry, but I haven't yet understood very well how to use multiquote.) It's wax, I suppose!?
  5. thanks for welcome! yes, I definetly have some problems with hair! .... speaking of hair, that in your first drawing is very good, in all its "brightness"! well, honestly all the first drawing is very beautiful and the second one too. viewing also your past ones, I can get you're also very original and rich of invention. thanks for sharing
  6. haha!I hadn't noticed this thread!
  7. yes!! but it's like it's just a little bit more probable I find something like that if I fall asleep instead of wake up
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