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  1. amazing! and for the last one ....oh yes, what a hair
  2. beautiful. and ......... ............yes........I think you have yet posted it in the drawings section! mmmmm ..yes! but for Zep never enough!
  3. I was opening a topic to have informations about this one ..... so thanks for anticipated answer! and about photographic books ............ a part from this one, anyone has some recommendation? edit:I mean books of collection of photos, better if of big dimensions.
  4. (I'm sorry, but I haven't yet understood very well how to use multiquote.) It's wax, I suppose!?
  5. thanks for welcome! yes, I definetly have some problems with hair! .... speaking of hair, that in your first drawing is very good, in all its "brightness"! well, honestly all the first drawing is very beautiful and the second one too. viewing also your past ones, I can get you're also very original and rich of invention. thanks for sharing
  6. letthesun

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    haha!I hadn't noticed this thread!
  7. yes!! but it's like it's just a little bit more probable I find something like that if I fall asleep instead of wake up
  8. I have to post this: haha!yesterday I tried to draw this but ......... I totally gave up!!!my poor deformed Page is now in the basket! yes aen27, I join in the wish, I like your stilish drawings to me, I'll try again in the next days, but well, these are the times I wish the Zep were totally BALD!!!
  9. thanks for welcome and the Italian greeting!
  10. hit! thanks for welcome!and yes, I've noticed that!
  11. maybe my first post should be here.........anyway... hi everybody , I'm elena and I'm from Italy. I love LedZep music, how can I say.., in an essential way!, and I'm glad there is a forum like this. ah, sorry for my english.
  12. ah..! and page 66 is a very good one
  13. It's a long time I want to say this, and finally I 've started to post, so here it is: a big THANKYOU to all posting in the photos forum(expecially in this section )! ah and expecially for the hi res ones.
  14. hey!thanks for welcome and support! haha!ok,if I draw something more I'll post, and the some is for you. ah, in between, happy halloween!
  15. Hi everybody! Long live LedZep!This is my first post. You're all very good painters, and I liked expecially Katuschka(the Jimmy at pag 4 is wonderful(well.. as alwais!)), Sugarplum, BUK, Chell, Peep Solero, Diana Loura, Blair27( ) and others drawings. I like also all the manga style, and the aen27 ones(I guess you're a stylist!). sooooooo.......I should be scared, but I'm not and here is my contribute
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