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  1. My two pennies worth again... Led Zeppelin certainly did some metal-type music (Dazed and Confused, Sick Again,Walters Walk, Black Dog and Whole Lotta Love spring to mind) but they cannot be in any way compared to modern metal acts. Led Zeppelin were masters of all types of rock/blues music and still influence bands today.
  2. I'm just wondering if Swan Song ever had or have plans to release the Led Zeppelin catalogue on SACD? I'm a Hifi buff , have an SACD player and possess in excess of 50 SACD's-which nowdays are difficult to acquire. I am unlikely to ever purchase a turntable as I got rid of my 85+ LP's back in 1984 and subsequent vinyl purchases were virtually zero. Now IMHO, SACD offers a considerable jump over CD almost approaching Vinyl for quality but without the fragility associated with Vinyl. And it is shocking how this format has been ignored by so many labels. I'm aware that "How The West Was Won" was released on the competing DVD-A format a few years back. The trouble is that Led Zep fans have to rely on CD releases or splash out £30+ on remastered Vinyl editions if they are looking for a true audiophille experience. A Hybrid SACD project would solve this issue in one fell swoop. Processed via DSD (Direct Stream Digital) even on standard CD, the sound quality would be better than the standard release whilst those having an SACD player could enjoy sound quality approaching Vinyl at a lower cost and considerably greater convenience. No need IMHO for surround sound. So how about it?
  3. Well my two pennies worth... The Led Zeppelin Japanese Mini Vinyl Replica CD's are miles better than both the initial and the remastered UK/German Cd issues. I have acquired "Led Zeppelin", "Led Zeppelin II", "Led Zeppelin III", "Presence", "In Through The Out Door", and "Coda". I do of course have all the standard UK/German "Remastered" releases. Not only is the sound quality head and shoulders above my standard UK issues, but I have an exact mini replica of the vinyl release I had back in 1980/84 (and to my shame sold the lot thinking CD was going to be better...:slapface: ), a lyric sheet in Japanese and English and a beautiful to look at CD. Now all the Led Zeppelin CD's in Japan have been released on a format called SHM-CD (Super High Material CD), it is still Cd but the disc is made of a denser material and is meant to give even better sound quality, though I haven't tried any yet. The best news is that I live in Nottingham and the local Fopp is selling those fabulous Jap Mini Vinyl Replica CD's (NOT the SHM-CD's) for between £5.00-8.00....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get them while you can! Without resorting to another O2 gig,Remastered Vinyl, the odd DVD-A Release or paying £20-40 for the SHM-CD's via eBay etc this is going to be the very best way to listen to Led Zeppelin
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