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  1. In the song The Battle of Evermore at 1:28 does Robert sing "...Horses' thunder...", or "...Horus's thunder..."? I am interested in Egyptian mythology, so it would be cool to have this approved Amazing song!
  2. I like this song, this 80's "disco" feeling gives a new dimension to the band. It makes it more mysterious and amazing.
  3. It is very hard to decide, all their songs are Led Zep for me, but If a song could be the bands "Album cover" so to speak, I would have gone for Stairway.
  4. Very good topic! I think it was in this life, not in limbo.
  5. I love to hear him play harmonica, both on BIOH, WTLB and all their other songs
  6. First half of October 2010. That's what I think
  7. Song Remains The Same version is very good
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