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  1. SrThompson

    Zep Riffs vs Sabbath Riffs

    Both bands have great riffs. Sabbath in a way are more dark than zepp, but i dont know if its because preferences or what, but i think that led riffs are much better than the songs of ozzy and cia
  2. SrThompson

    Track by Track Day 4: Dazed and Confused

    About the studio version its great, i ve never listen the original song, not even the cover by the yardbirds. But now, live version its awsome, those gigs that the play dazed and it lats about 25 minutes, with interludes, solos, its awsome pure feeling.
  3. SrThompson

    Music: A-Z Game... II

  4. SrThompson

    What's the Last Concert You Attended?

    Loaded (its the band od Duff Mckagan, the former bassist of guns n roses), the friday night. they came here, for three days, it was awsome.
  5. SrThompson

    Jimmy Page

    Id will say that the five are trademarks for jimmy. In a musical culture perhaps, the production of the songs are more important that the rest. In a "general" way i thing that the bow + the cherry sunburst les paul + The gibson double neck
  6. SrThompson

    JOHN PAUL JONES New Project

    I've been listen a few songs of this band, and for me its awsome just look the videos in youtube they rock big time
  7. SrThompson

    Zeppelin, are they metal?

    I agree.....but in case that you need to put a label, i dont think that zep its a metal band...its more..or hard rock...or like they called themselves one time "a hard blues band"
  8. SrThompson

    Hello people

    Hello you... Well, i'm Esteban, and i'm from Argentina...i've been listening led zeppelin since a while ago (about a year) but lately...i dont know they become my favorite band.. Sorry for my bad english Have a nice time...goodbye