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  1. Wow! That is quite a claim. In America there is a big push in the direction of reparations to the surviving family members of former slaves, and this idea is even more possible now with the election of Obama. There is a shame factor attached to how we treated blacks not just while they were slaves but also during segregation. For the most part when a white American artist does a blues song they do so with a great amount of respect. Music without emotion is dull. Blues music by definition is created with nothing but emotion. White Americans do not claim the blues as their cultural heritage, black Americans do and should, even blacks in other countries hold onto blues as there own, places such as France are big fans of blues and most of the music is preformed by black artists. Over the years there has been lots of great blues based music coming out of both countries. Led Zeppelin took this to another level integrating rock and roll with blues in a way that increased the emotion from the original song. Few bands have been able to do this in the way Led Zeppelin did, in a seemingly effortless way. I would be shocked to find even one white American person who holds even a small amount of animosity toward the Brits for their success with blues based music. It would be crazy, in that it's not the white peoples music to begin with.
  2. Though this wasn't aimed at me, I have a few comments on it. Intelligence is a funny thing some people are smart but have no social skills some maybe to the point that they are antisocial. . Also just curious what your illness is that affects grammar? At least I can hear, I would be devastated if I couldn't hear music anymore. Can anyone imagine never hearing Led Zeppelin again? I happen to be legally blind in both eyes, I use a variety of different tools to help me be able to see well enough to write and read online. I might be able to help you if that is your issue. Though my grammar is far from great I think that most people can at least understand what I'm writing. For my articles I write I have an editor that takes care of it for me. Anyway I hope your feeling better soon.
  3. At some point it might end up happening. I was surprised that the Beatles did it, and you never know with Zeppelin. I just hope that if they do make it, it would be different then all the other rockbands and guitar heroes out there, maybe making it more mature, (What I mean by, "mature" is not grown up and wholesome, but rather mature rated so they could add some outrageous stuff. Here are some ideas to keep it fresh: * It would be funny if they added a mode to the game where you could be Phil Collins on Drum's and no matter what song and how good you do, it would still be lame. (I can see a cartoon Jimmy Page in the background just shaking his head.) <----alright maybe not such a good idea.. * Maybe a bonus drinking game against Bonham. * When playing on stage you get to look for bootleggers in the audience and beat them to a pulp. (you would get points taken away if it was a dude just testing the sound levels.) * Of course, The Song Remains the same dream sequence mini games. My favorite idea would be for Gallows Pole: In the game there is a guy, (the player), on the gallows. Every time you mess up he is closer to being hung. If you loose the guy is hung. If you get though the song then it looks like you saved him, but then he gets shot or some different, (think Kenny of South Park), death every time. Videos games based on rock bands can be a very dangerous thing and they would have to do it right. Just my thoughts.
  4. Very cool, I had never seen that before. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Sandy Denny & The Battle of Evermore The first time I ever heard, The Battle of Evermore, it instantly became my favorite Zeppelin song, maybe my favorite song period. This is at least 50% due to Sandy Denny's great vocals that work so well against Robert Plants singing. Years later I got the Sandy Denny box set, and I really enjoyed it, one epic song in particular, included in that box set is, Tam Lin, and if you haven't heard it, you are missing out on something special. If you don't want the box set I recommend, Fairport Convention's Liege & Lief, another great album. A couple things to note is how different the style of music was to what Zeppelin were doing, it's amazing they had her do a guest vocal in the first place, but it was a great move. I wish they had used her in other songs that they could have written to include her. Led Zeppelin performed The Battle of Evermore, at least a couple times in concert (maybe more not sure, I don't do bootlegs), and I have heard at least one performance of the song and it was very disappointing. In a way Denny ruined the ability for Zeppelin to play that song live in concert, because she was so great and without her the song was missing a vitally important component. Just curious if your familiar with the late Denny's work outside Led Zeppelin and if you like it. Also you might list a favorite song or two by her.
  6. Jimmy Page the master composer of his era? John Williams will most likely go down in history as the master composer of this era, I could be wrong but I doubt it will be Jimmy Page. I think Page will go down as the master rocker of his era though, without question. it's much more appropriate to use the word composer, when speaking of rockers to the likes of ELO, Queen, and Frank Zappa. Paul McCartney gave the composing thing a go for a while, and the response was so so. I think there is a chance that Randy Rhoads would have been a great composer had he lived. This is not to put down Jimmy Page in any way, it's just that I have never thought of him as a composer in the way that the word composer is generally thought of.
  7. Thanks for the kind words about the article. As for: "...I was just trying to answer the question of why this topic isconstantly brought up, and I know it's most often brought up bynegative critics of Led Zeppelin. I wasn't talking about you or fans orsuch... just negative critics and, I guess, "haters"." The root of what your talking about is more likely based on money then hate. Not that it's any better, just different. Negative critics especially the people who write the, "tell all", kind of books are often doing it for nothing more then a paycheck. I'm sure there are a few people who hate Led Zeppelin without the influence of cash, but the anti-zeppelin militant haters I think are few and far between. Many years ago when I read Hammer of the Gods, and later with Richard Coles book, sorry I forgot the title and I'm lazy to look at my book shelf. In some sections I had that feeling of some of it being motivated by large sums of cash. *Mudshark anyone? I did enjoy both books, Hammer much better, but that was what I think. Money is the root of all evil, is almost always true. The rise of the third reich, slavery, and Zeppelin Haters. Ok well maybe now I'm going a bit over the top. Sorry.
  8. No need to be sorry. I should have been more clear as well. I write articles, my reason for starting this thread was because of an article I posted on Led Zeppelin, stealing songs. If you want to read it there is a link at the start of this thread. I try to be as unbiased as possible, like a critic should be. I try and pretend that I don't like or dislike Led Zeppelin, when I was writing it. I was trying to show that there is other ways of looking at this topic other then that Led Zeppelin were song thieves or just a very popular cover band or nonsense like that. I didn't write it that way because I'm a fan of Led Zeppelin, (true though it is), but because I'm convinced that my side of the argument is the right side, and I would say the same about any band in the same position. Not all critics tear down Led Zeppelin, it's possible to be a fan and also believe that Zeppelin stole songs even though I don't.
  9. I've been listening to quite a bit of ELO lately. My newest posted article, (I write articles on classic rockers, and some other types of music), is on ELO and Jeff Lynne. If your interested check it out at: http://sharemyguitar.com/blog/jeff-lynne-and-electric-light-orchestra/ Anyone who listens to ELO backmasking stuff will know what backwards recording is when they hear it. They will also understand that Led Zeppelin never added this to any of there songs.
  10. Maybe some people just want to discuss the issue. Music copyrights and the law are in the news like never before today, with plagiarism and other issues. It happens all the time. Maybe some people have an alternate opinion of this issue. To be fair when you say things that assume that everyone who discusses this are tearing Led Zeppelin down is not fair and untrue. As I've said before there are new fans everyday, that have never heard of this issue and are curious. My opinion is that Led Zeppelin were in the right to use the songs they used. I know and accept that others will have different views, but to say that they are trying to tear down Led Zeppelin is a bit over the top, and not based in reality but only in emotion. Of course there are some who will tear down but not all, and I doubt most. This kind of thing also happened to Led Zeppelin. Ever hear the song by Chicago, 25 Or 6 To 4? Here is an excerpt from song facts: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=1197 Thewhole Zeppelin v. Chicago fiasco is interesting to me so I did someresearch and found some info for those interested:Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" was recorded Aug 1969 and released June 1970Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" was recorded Oct 1968 andreleased in January 1969So Zeppelin not only recorded BIGTLY earlier they released it beforeChicago had recorded 25r624. There is a strong possibility Chicago wereinfluenced by listening to Zeppelin on the radio since BIGLY would havebeen on the airways for atleast 7 months! So yeah Chicago ripped ofZeppelin, but I would expect not intentionally. Maybe they felt thatriffs wern't something that belonged to one group but the whole musiccommunity.what about BIGLY itself? Was it ripped of another artist? Well, dependon what part your talking about. The lyrics were taken from anothersong by that sounded nothing like BIGLY. The MUSIC however is originalto Jimmy Page. In fact it was one of the songs he was working on beforeforming zeppelin and worked with other artist in brief.We also have to keep in mind that Jimmy Page was a studio sessionguitarist before his fame, where he was employed by a LOT of bands toplay guitar in studios, and he is unoffically credited with a LOT ofriffs that upcoming bands used in their songs but never gave him creditor royalties. Maybe he is entitled to use some of theriffs...don'cha'think? - Schain, Austin, FL In the end to me this is just an interesting issue to discuss. I'm happy that Chicago recorded 25 Or 6 To 4, one of the very few songs I really care for by them. I don't really care that it sounds quite a bit like another song I like even more, but it's an issue just the same.
  11. I took the Led Zeppelin survey and sent it to you in an e-mail as asked. I took the survey because I felt really bad for you taking Introduction to statistics it is just a horrible class. Anyway good luck with it.
  12. When my wife watches Oprah on TV I walk out of the room quick! I can't stand that stuff! It's all about Harpo Marx, my hero. I assure you that I'm not now, nor have ever been in the past connected to Oprah, in any way shape or form. If I had a show I'm sure I would have screwed it up by offending people and getting fired. Plus I have more of a face for radio, if you know what I mean, not that I look like the elephant-man or something like that, but I'm no Brad Pitt either. Also I would be very surprised to learn that Oprah would be much of a Zeppelin fan, I see her as a soft Jazz or R&B kinda gal. Who knows though, I have been wrong before,
  13. It's an interesting question and I obviously can't answer it. It would be amusing to have been a fly on the wall when the first guy, (I'm sure it wasn't a gal), started fooling around and played some music backwards. If I had to bet, I would say that some LSD was involved, but who knows? What was that guy thinking he was going to hear? The other side of this is why did some bands actually do some backmasking if they didn't intend on some people playing the music backwards. Some bands got lots of free publicity out of this controversy, and it sold them lots of records. The people that were protesting and causing a big stink about backmasking were unlikly to be purchasers of this type of music anyway, no big loss. My hunch and this is just pure speculation without any evidence, is that, the whole backmasking rock and roll controversy was created by the industry to sell some albums. It's almost always about money, even though it's nice to dream it's about the music. I'm in no way saying Led Zeppelin had anything to do with this, though Peter Grant was one sly guy.
  14. Sorry but quite a few bands used backmasking, this is not an opinion, it's a fact. That's not to say backmasking had any subliminal effects, or any of that kind of garbage. I don't think Zep ever used it though, even though they were accused of it. In this case it was used for comical or satirical effect. Here is an excerpt about ELO's Fire On High. This is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_On_High "Fire On High" is the opening instrumental track from the 1975 Electric Light Orchestra album Face the Music. The song was the UK B-side to the band's worldwide hit single Livin' Thing issued in blue vinyl and later included in an edited form minus the backwards vocals as the flip side of the US hit single Sweet Talkin' Woman in 1978 The album version contains an opening with a backward message.When the song is played backwards, the message, in a masked heavyvoice, can be heard stating, "The music is reversible but time is not.Turn back. Turn back. Turn back. Turn back." - ostensibly Jeff Lynne's shot at backmasking hysteria, after satanic allegations were made against their song "Eldorado" by Fundamentalist Christianity members.[1] Snippets of "Messiah" by Handel can be heard as well.
  15. First of all I know that some of or most of you will roll your eyes at this post. So before I go on, I wish to give my apologies to members of this group that are offended and let you know that you can skip the rest of this topic. Maybe I'll do better next time. That said let me get to my point: I think we all know what backmasking is, and I'm sure most of us know about the connection to Stairway to Heaven. Personally I think that if anyone has the time in there life to play records backwards, listening for hidden messages then maybe they should find a hobby or something more meaningful. I've heard the Stairway bit that supposedly has the hidden message and I think it's a bunch of bull-(dung). If a person played Perry Como records backwards I'm sure they could find hidden messages, as people will hear what they want to hear. With that said Led Zep set themselves up for this controversy with Pages connections to Aleister Crowley and a general mystic that was produced by Zeppelin to create an image. Also backmasking is a very real thing and has been done many times. One of my favorite songs by ELO, Fire On High, includes some backmasking. The reason why people freaked out about backwards recording was that some people thought that it could subliminally influence people. In 1983 a California bill was introduced to prevent backmasking that"can manipulate our behavior without our knowledge or consent and turnus into disciples of the Antichrist. I was curious about others thoughts on this subject.
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