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  1. Well, I admit the day job comment was a little simplistic. But my friend Zeppelin did not end in 1980. They are back on the charts now with new material, new to fans, with much more to come. Two things are very obvious: Robert has shown disdain, which is his every right. And Jimmy loves working on Zeppelin things, which is his right. Jimmy doesn't want, and I will speak for him here, to put out a bunch of albums for the sake of just putting them out. It is a larger than life vibe that he has nourished so well. Robert on the other hand, is the one who us acting like a hired gun, acting a
  2. Jimmy Page is still working Zeppelin, producing if you will. I think Jimmy doesn't feel the need to produce or be involvolved with other bands because Led Zeppelin is his band, the greatest rock band in the world. Robert has bunches of groups, so he likes working on those, but for Zeppelin he was just the singer for ten years or so, for Jimmy it's a life long thing. Robert wants to be in the Sensational Space Shifters and jimmy wants to be in Zep, simple as that. There is so much Zep work still to be done. Sure, the phase where the four are jamming out and collaborating on Jimmy's production
  3. i have a hunch this is going to happen. They sat together at the kennedy thing, they sat together at charlie rose, so theyre sick of sitting around, just get on with it. this is happening. I got that funny feeling I got around the time of the o2 announcment.
  4. ok groove, i was here a lot back with the old site but had taken long breaks, take a couple days to get back into the rythm of things. I glad im not a robert hater
  5. no -life so called fans? actually I think you have a mental condition----why do you feel the need to attack people? ok moving on I will try to not attack anyone lets see now--Robert, when he was young, was considered one of the best singers of all time. Now that he is 65 he is still considered one of the best. I don't see that he feels that he has to be comparable to his hey day. He has done a lot of cool new things without having to be produced by Jimmy Page(thatl get em going). Robert has made funny statements like Zep were a boy band and things like whole lotta love was a kin
  6. whats the whole deal with robert haters anyway, everybody on this site is always saying this persons a robert hater or there we go with the robert haters again, its like you cant be critical on this site without some one calling you a robert hater, robert hater robert hater. I'm sick of the violin bow solo does that make me a a jimmy hater?
  7. Bob Mayo on the keyboards, Bob Mayo.. oh I thought we got whole Lotta love for an encore, maybe my memory is fading, probably
  8. I saw Robert on the I'm in the mood for a melody tour and he did a couple zep tunes, maybe 82 0r 3, Phil Collins on drums, his guitarist Robbie was real good. I really liked the first 2 solo albums. Principal of Moments some artists do work and never look back
  9. oh I did't say stuck up pompous human beings...I said a little pompous ....anyway i didn't mean that..what I was trying to say is that they live in the limelight as it were..and all that shining light tends to tarnish ones perspective ..I'm sure they are very down to earth---still It's just that I wonder if while sitting with the president or going to Oslo to pick up this award or that one....you know In the old days it seamed they just did what they wanted to and it was good....now they are more concerned with what they should be doing anyway pure speculation on my part...I don't kno
  10. i love zeppelin more than the next guy but I think they are a little pompous. They take themselvers very seriously. Robert is always talking about how he wants to move on but then performs zep tunes at all his solo shows. So all these answers that they give in interviews are just a smoke screen for the real sitch. It is our fault--we the fans--we wanted somethjing to believe in and as they are getting older they don't want to let the true believrs down. stupid bloody blokes like myself considering them gods....in the end they are just people.... This whole greatist rock band in rock n r
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