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  1. I think thats one of my favorite all time solos!!!!!!!!
  2. wow, very inspiring, i'm not sure the year matters to me but jimmy's history is awe inspiring
  3. yup just as I thought, 2:15 for sure and 2;21 most likely. Think like an editor-after a complete phrase- good time to get in I mean just guessing, I hear all kinds of shit in those records- lots of times im wrong- no big deal. think about it though, the first album went real good---the second album shaping up nicely. "just roll the tape ill do it in 3 passes---unlikely---he would have wanted to think long and hard about it and have lots of option you can be sure, but i wasnt there
  4. All right check this out, I splice this stuff all the time. You can use ten reels of solos real easy, just roll tape and start doing thing. Then you go back and listen to all the solos and just take the best few parts and nick em together, totally a pagy thing to do, no big deal. just because you have 10 tapes doesn't mean you take little bits from each performance, the song is spliced together already. I read somewhere probably here that page said" its important to always have the tape rolling when mixing because you never know what youll get." how i remember it. Pete townsend did like 3500 splices baba oriely. Then after you have the coolist most casual vibes pieced together, when you play live- you kinda just play like the record. Thats how you get records to sound spontaniuos- because they are, but when your playing spontainous sometimes you get shitty stuff in there to because your taking risks. hence you edit out the shit stuff and are left with the cool stuff. Ill go back and listen and tell where the edits are, its usually obvious once you know what your looking for. I have to admit however that I would have never have thought this when listening to heartbreaker as a child but now I know- thats how its done Page invented a lot those techniques
  5. very interesting, some cats can splice tape so fast and clean you would never know, as far as choosing bits from multiple takes-its a vibe thing - splicing the vibes together, I could see it
  6. october 22,1966 Jimmy Page, The Yardbirds Staples High School Westport CT http://blog.ctnews.com/tracy/
  7. Jimmy page played at my High School. did a little research behind my avatar photo and it relates to the great shakes song. http://blog.ctnews.com/tracy/ wrote an article about it for my new blog home town paper the Westport news. sort of an on this day Jimmy having tea in my hometown!! check out
  8. Did a little research about Jimmy Page playing at my high school in 1966. check out this blog http://blog.ctnews.com/tracy/
  9. You know its like this, so many people talk about Jimmy Page- I find it real cool to have it straight from the horses, mouth so to speak. I think your doing an amazing job Steve, for sure. It is true I always pump Jimmy up whenever possible, because I find his creativity mind blowing, I always give him the ben of the doubt. I'm like a cheerleader, some of you guys are like historians. I think its him writing the captions because of the subtle way the its written. Its cool to see some of the things he was proud of. Very subjective. And its cool that you steve are objective. all groovy here. however nobody will be able to convince that the site sucks because I look forward to checking on it everyday, more than the other places i check in on. If the info is wrong-oh well-I guess im just a Jimmy Page Zombie!!
  10. wow, the thing about the JIMMY PAGE website is that it has so much gravitas- impact- authority! I could give a shit if the dates are wrong or even if he is lying about playing on this or that song. Sure SAJ is doing a great job getting all the dates right and all that cool. I am much more into the creative process and Jimmy being relativly reclusive for all these years, now to be opening up with a new voice is just blowing my mind. but to each his or her own. if some people dont like the site well ok dont like it who cares. And personally i dont like everything JP ever did at all, I didnt like the puff daddy thing, I didnnt like the coverdale thing, I didnt like it when he played live with dave gross, lots of things. But the website is a new outlet for him and it is great and it is everyday and it is full of stuff i didn't know and it is authorized by JIMMY FUCKING PAGE!!!!
  11. my god the Jimmy Page site is totally great!!! I click over once per day and learn more about Jimmy Page in about 2 minutes than could possibly imagine. I dont care if they make a mistake on a date here or there, who cares its like seeing inside the mind of a genius,
  12. I dont know, the whole puff daddy thing kind of erks me but if page says its cool ---its cool
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