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  1. hi melanie havnt been on in almost a year good to see ya still here ;)

  2. is VERY happy that Robert Plant's coming to Miami on July 31st!!!! O:-)

  3. Actually, I wasnt a real follower of Zebra, but checked out some of their songs on Youtube, very good. Yeah, I'm sure Rob will eventually return with something new. :)

  4. You got me all up in the Randy Jackson land lol I was a big Zebra fan..."Tell me what you want" was one of my favorites. Is that the right RJ? It has been way to quiet in Plant land but usually that's how he gets us...longing and then wham lol ;)

  5. Yes, I would like Rob to come out of his house and actually start doing something. :) I havent heard anything from him lately. :(

  6. I hadn't thought of Randy Jackson--I'll need to check that out. You got a light show? Wowsers...I hope we'll be seeing Mr. Plant on tour again soon.

  7. Hi, yes it was an awesome show. Randy Jackson sounds just like Robert. He should be considered to tour with Zep if Rob doesn't want to. The light show was awesome too. Happy Holidays. :)

  8. I bet that was a great show. We got to see them in Nashville. Have a great weekend :)

  9. hi there, wow, that's cool that your daughter was born on Jonesy's birthday. I was born the day after his 26th birthday. :) Definitely bring Robert roses. O:-) That's what I did when I saw him and Alison Kraus last year in Philly. Thanks for the add. :)

  10. Happy early birthday to you :) My daughter was born on the 3rd (John Paul Jones day) haha

    We Cappies have to stick together

  11. Hi Kenny, thanks for the comment. My cousin Kenny and I grew up together, and he had a BIG influence on me and was also a Led Zep fan as well. Cheers. :)

  12. What is it with Kenny's and Led Zep!! We love 'em, thats what it is!!

    Kind regards from sunny Perth, W.Australia


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