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  1. is VERY happy that Robert Plant's coming to Miami on July 31st!!!! O:-)

  2. Actually, I wasnt a real follower of Zebra, but checked out some of their songs on Youtube, very good. Yeah, I'm sure Rob will eventually return with something new. :)

  3. Yes, I would like Rob to come out of his house and actually start doing something. :) I havent heard anything from him lately. :(

  4. Hi, yes it was an awesome show. Randy Jackson sounds just like Robert. He should be considered to tour with Zep if Rob doesn't want to. The light show was awesome too. Happy Holidays. :)

  5. hi there, wow, that's cool that your daughter was born on Jonesy's birthday. I was born the day after his 26th birthday. :) Definitely bring Robert roses. O:-) That's what I did when I saw him and Alison Kraus last year in Philly. Thanks for the add. :)

  6. Hi Kenny, thanks for the comment. My cousin Kenny and I grew up together, and he had a BIG influence on me and was also a Led Zep fan as well. Cheers. :)

  7. wow, it looks pretty good so far. I can't wait to see it when it's completed. :)

  8. hi, its nice to see local Zep fans here. :)I'm right around the corner from you in hollywood.

  9. hi there, it's nice to see Zep fans all over the world. :)I've never been to Dublin before, but my mom's been there twice, and says it's beautiful.

  10. awesome tattoo....is that your arm or your leg? how long did it take to do the whole tattoo? too bad, I cant have tattoos on my arm at work. :(

  11. hi, it sounds like you covered all 4 corners of the rock and roll spectrum. That is very cool. :) I happen to like most of the artists you mentioned in your profile.

  12. Hi there, you are a TRUE diehard Zep fan. :)Since I (still) live with my parents, the only room where I can have a shrine to Zep is in my bedroom. :(

  13. hi, wow, that's an awesome tattoo!!!! how long did it take to get the whole tattoo done?

  14. cute name, that's the name of my cat. :)

  15. hi, it's great to meet another Zep fan that shares the same birthday as me. :)

  16. Hi, Your profile really rocks!!!!!! :)

  17. hi, i'm very sorry about your loss. Your story has really moved me to tears. I hope and pray that God will give you the courage to stay strong and live life to the fullest.

  18. ciao, saluti dall'America. :)

  19. Love that Cartman, dancing and farting. :D "RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!!!!!!" :)

  20. hi, it's nice to see a local Zep fan here. :)

  21. hi, it's nice to see another local Zep fan here. :)

  22. hi, it's always nice to see another local Zep fan. :)

  23. hi, nice to see another local Zep fan in the area. :)

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