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  1. Hola, que tal? Hi from the U.S. That's cool you and I have the same birthday. :)

  2. hi, scott. I've been to Zephyrhills several times. Beautiful town. :)

  3. hi, where in florida do you live? i live in hollywood.

  4. hi thanks for the add. :) have a great day. :D

  5. hi, thanks for the add. :)

  6. Hi there, I love your profile. Amen to that. GOD SAVE ROBERT PLANT!!!!!!! O:-)

  7. which hollywood are you in? Ca. or Fla.?

  8. yes, nice reversal of master of puppets. :)

  9. Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. Yes, it's so true, we capricornians need to join forces. :D Have a good weekend, also. :)

  10. hi, you and I both have the same birthday. I was born a year exactly after you. :)

  11. Hi Michael. I love your shirt. Your son looks SO adorable in his little Zep t-shirt. :) Future Zep fan. :D

  12. hi there, your the 2nd person here who was born exactly a week after me. :)

  13. it's always nice to see younger Led Zeppelin fans here. :)

  14. hi there, you were born a week after i was. :)

  15. i've been a BIG fan of Robert's ever since i was a kid. Best seat I had was when I saw Robert and Alison in Philly last year. I practically could touch his pants. O:-)

  16. hi, thanks for the comment. have a good day. :)

  17. hi there, that's a cute pic of peter grant, or is it supposed to be Cartman in disguise? :D

  18. hi there, I love the pic of Robert with Strider on his motorbike. :)

  19. Hi, well said. You are the first person to agree with me on this. Stairway's good, but Kashmir's definitely better. And all that nonsense of backmasting Stairway, just to hear Rob say backwards, "here's to my sweet satan" is completely b.s.

  20. Hi, you are very creative for an 11-yr. old. It's always a pleasure to talk to Zep fans of all ages. I love your bio. I'm into sports too, although I rather watch them than play them. :D I have alot of favorite Zep songs, too many to mention. Trying to pick out a fave Zep song is like trying to pick your favorite child. :)

  21. hi there, it's nice to see another local Zep fan here in the area. I'm not too far from you. I live in Hollywood. :)

  22. hi thanks for the add. :)

  23. AAhhhh, the church of Led Zep!!!! Love that picture. How beautiful. :)

  24. Ciao, Carrieanna. Tutto bene qui. :) Parlo un po italiano.

  25. that's only 3 1/2 hours north of me. :)

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