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  1. i also love when robert yells out DO IT DO IT!!!! to signal pages guitar solos.... its so great and awesome or SUCK IT!!!!! 77 he especially did it
  2. wow! thats a tough one...... love his screeching on since i've been loving you.....;... bring it on home the middle section with the riff......bring it on home to me babayyyy!!! no quarter at the end.. gives me goosebumps every time.. and stairway when he comes in like a damn banshee.. haha but every thing he does always seems to sound perfect doesnt it??
  3. has to be ten years gone then stairway... ten years gone has my favorite lyric ever its my signature... robert wrote some beautiful and amazing stuff that he doesnt get much credit for.. doesnt give himself enough credit either! thank you is great too but i think this is bs but zep haters will say the first few lines were taken from hendrix when in reality they are general lyrics that can be used by anybody.. done way b4 hendrix.. but my point is ten years gone because even the zep haters who will critique zep forever cant say anything true or mostly bullshit about plants lyrics....no one can make an accusation is what im saying about ten years gone and most of zeppelins songs.. just pointing out the thank you similarity but used by many is all im saying.. stairway has the most imagery though.. but ten years gone is phenomenal
  4. Ive been curious lately.. on the studio version of bms viram Jasani plays tabla.. but are there any live versions where just the section of white summer that combines bms does bonzo ever contribute any percussion to bms.. ive never heard one where he did.. are they any boots that would prove me wrong.. i think the tabla is what makes the song easterny and of course the tuning which is the big difference from bert janschs trad. arr. of blackwaterside.. page took it to anew level but thats a seperate issue..
  5. bron yr-aur first then swan song both amazing pieces
  6. ysmanl wouldnt exist without zeppelins cover on the first album and neither would wlr .. based their title on wll.. they loved zeppelin and it just shows zeppelins great and broad influence
  7. rush is awesome.. they were drastically influenced by zeppelin and then they developed their own sound and imop are one of the greatest bands ever..i love geddy.. u either love or hate his voice.. no in between whatsoever im a fan of rush and i like the topics peart rights about.. he takes lyrics from poetry and fantasy and makes them rock..
  8. bron yr-aur is the most beautiful piece of music ive ever heard by pagey or anybody.. already designated it my funeral song.. thats how highly i feel about it.. made me cry on 3 different occasions. just being honest
  9. so did heart .. on barracuda total ripoff but they are known as the female zeppelin so it was a tribute.. they love zeppelin
  10. tribute to jonesy.. no quarter one of the most genious songs ever.. the keyboards the guitar riff the lyrics.. bonzos beat just an umbelievable song..
  11. agreed,, no one can but he isnt the only great singer ever.. now plant is my favorite and always will be but page jpj and jason deserve to be able to do what they want to too.. why should plants stubborness stop them from doing what they want.. and like someone said earlier,, i trust in page
  12. stairway solo only because it fits the essence of the tune more than any other song .. there was someone who said that the solo might not be great if it wasnt the solo in stairway.. if it was in another song it wouldnt be the most famous solo ever.. i dont agree witht that assessment but you can see my point.. page's solos always captured the essence of what the piece was meant to present and trigger your emotions.. he always achieved that imop but stairway does more than any other..
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