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  1. lets not get carried away with the whole thing of being a cover completely.. robert added some lines and a different melody and christ pages electric riff and the bassline is why 25 or 6 to 4 exists by chicago.. that is an original tune there original original musicianship.. i dont look at 'babe' as a strict cover... but joan baez halfway influenced pages arrangement of his acousic riff.. still not really the same.. to me zeppelin added a lot of new and original elements to the tune......and zeppelin didnt know who wrote it and baez incorrectly credited it traditional arr baez when in reality
  2. bron yr aur ten years gone.. in the light..achilles last stand.. gives me a feeling of bouncing back when youve been pushed to the ground and are in a bad state mentally.. the solo confirms that stance even more to me
  3. bs they were a bunch of things.. now polka idk but i mean christ jazz in 77' when they would jam for minutes on end to no quarter and i guArantee like dave grohl said" heavy metal wouldnt exist without zeppelin.. if it did, it would suck! to say they didnt have a substantial influence on metal and metallica in particular is musically wrong.. were they metal idk.. they were a ton of things which is why people that dont like zeppelin still saythey were damn talented and very versatile.. thats a sustaining legacy in my book
  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!! THEY ARE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! thats the greatness of zeppelin.. they crossed practically every genre possible in some way or fashion... no band can say that other than the mighty mighty zeppelin.. and its pointless to say otherwise... they invented 70s rock especially but thats a seperate issue.. they crossed genres and invented things along the way.. thats like djzozo said "that's the power of zeppelin"
  5. has anyone here have a copy of the 1975 concert in dallas.. i do and i think the solo that night by page is spectacular.. if you dont have it get it! by far his best over the hills solo at least as much as ive listened to othafa live... man it blowed me away.. especially when the consensus was they were no longer in their prime which is up for debate.. but anyway it was zeppelin at its best.. even in 1975
  6. the ending of ten years gone and the last half of stairway to name a bunch.. but its based on mood at that particular time.. that is for sure
  7. whether they are partly a metal band is a moot point.. the important thing is zeppelin had a huge influence on it.. whether it was intentional or not.. they did.. it wouldnt be close to what is without zep.. speed metal was defined by achilles last stand imop.. metallica admit their debt and the influence they had from zeppelin.. every band 2day consequently is influenced punk metal hard rock.. zep did it all and covered so many genres.. whether they were metal or not idk.. what i do know is they impacted it and wouldnt be the same without the mighty zeppelin
  8. ALL THE TIME!! JUST got done listening to 4 on my stereo in my dorm room shaking the ground with black dog and the bonzo beat from wtlb
  9. its tough.. only criticism if it is one is theres no epic song on zeppelin 2.. awesome and listen to alot as i do all the albums.. dazed to me is epic. how many more times has a bunch of sections that give it a epic feel.. but i think its pages best riff album.. all the riffs especially bring it on home just are amazing... i do agree that it woulda been crazy if they combined l with 2... man imagine a double album! then they woulda been able to credit the couple songs they took parts from... because the money woulda been coming from all of the original or traditional songs they wrote or made a
  10. well said.. i try telling my friends who love garbage like slipknot and joey jordison.. bonzos foot was as quick as anybody and by that i mean far and above the strongest foot and quickest.. his feel for the groove
  11. hell listen to his drumming on fool in the rain.. might seem simple but its a style bonzo mastered very quickly from everything i hear.. not easy at all.. and beats bonzo ripped off??? whats that supposed to imply.. rock n roll to me the drum beat isnt really that much similar to little richards song.. but he got the idea from it.. but its a drum beat and how the hell did he rip off anyone...
  12. zep was a jazz band in concert at times.. watch the no quarter performance in seattle in 77'.. and dyer maker is reggaeish...so versatile the mighty zep.. dont feel weird for loving the best band
  13. im probably the only one who likes it but i love pages solo at live aid.... the thing was out of tune everything was out of sorts and page just played straightfrom his heart and was speaking through the guitar and even though sloppy made it sound great as only jimmy could achieve...drums were horrendous and had something to do with the sloppiness but i love pages solo.. sometimes even though great some of pages stairway solos are drawn out.. it kinda loses the essence.. i thought live aid hit it right on the money and my fav is the bbc session version.. htwww and the song remains the same solo
  14. in the light was a song plant was eager to do but jpj vetoed the idea because it wouldnt have succeeded live in his opinion.. i do wish they would have.., such a beautiful song so uplifting
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