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  1. if i did it right you will see a vid by insane clown posse keep an open mind you just might like it.dont feel guilty if you do.
  2. cool live aid ticket,i saw plant the honey drippers the nght before in detroit.also saw 77 zep tour
  3. classy to post a freddie pic,saw both queen on live killers and zep on 77 tour. love zep to death but freddie was the better showman
  4. anyone who lives close enough to see a show at the meadowlands and posts a RAIDERS logo has to be good by me.grew up in mich. a raiders fan now in so cal saw bo jackson play with them.i saw ac/dc twice with bon scott an twice with b.johnson.also saw zep on the 77 tour.anyway saw the logo had to give you a shout out. RAIDER NATION
  5. it was kid rock at unv.amp in l.a.good show,he had two pam anderson lookalikes poledancing at each side of stage.the band was tight crowd was into it.the only downside was joe c had already passed away. 3foot 9 with a 10 foot dick.r.i.p. joe c.
  6. Hi eagleblower thanks for adding me to your friends list.I am really a blues rock fan and have seen some great bands live,led zep,lynyrd skynyrd,aerosmith,sabbath,deep purple,santana and many more.I have an 18 year old son who is now into rock,looks like i taught him well.I hope to still be rockin when i'm in the old folks home.bye for now

  7. i was there with over 90000 people.some must be out there.if you waited in the cold or saw the showtell me how you remember it
  8. i went with about ten people most all were on acid,this is when zep was down because of plants car wreck.we were dying for any zep.the movie starts everybody lites up a fatty,kona,redbud,thai.the smoke was so thick could hardly see the screen.ushers with flashlights came to see who was smoking saw it was everyone and left.when the sword seen came on it was my own personal laser light show,colors shot out from everywhere and when the man in the robe turns into jimmy his face aged 100 years then melted off.but it did cure our zep jones for a little while.
  9. i dont know what happened between march and july,but i saw them at the pontiac mi show and even cavernous silverdomes bad acoustics didnt stop a great zep show.trampeled under foot was my fav with the giant color wheels.plants voice was good,timing was on.acting with the crowd and each other.90000 people seem to agree.but have heard the later shows on the tour wernt as good,i feel sorry for those people.
  10. thanks for the comments always nice to share the zep.keep on rockin in the free world.

  11. hellllllllloooooo, rockers,a major zep fan i camped overnite at pontiac silverdome.in december,itwas like 10 degrees.snowing,windy but still 3 or 4 thousand fans came to get tiks for a show in march.the story of what happened in the next 20 hrs is a book in its self.if you were there tell me your story.i also saw plant with the h,d. in detriot the nite before he did live aid with page in 85.seen toooo many bands to list 40 yrs of s d r r.big names, the who both drummers,stones,ozzy with r. r. rip.ac dc bon an brian,prince,humble pie,bon jovi,springsteen,g n r,g f r r,kid rock,bowie,zappa,t
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