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  1. does his shirt say "bootycall"?
  2. thought i'd drop by and say hellllooooo. how is everyone?
  3. jeezus the traffic on here is making this stupid computer so slow... but anyway...hey everyone. and since we're talking about our depression over not being able to see them, ill add something..... my teacher got truly concerned for me when i wasnt responding properly in class... after class he pulls me over and was kind of looks me over, and says..."are you on drugs or something?" i almost pissed my pants laughing because he was so serious. i told him i missed the concert and hes like, "oh yea! damn i forgot that was today! im sorry to hear you missed it...." that was weird. b
  4. jeez i havent been on here in a while. hellooooo everyone. hows life?? mines pretty good. now that i have the new rolling stone magazine
  5. i have to go too, unfortunately. early class tomorrow... it was nice talking to youuuuu. g'night all.
  6. kimmi. or kim. or hey you. whichever you prefer. and i know what your talking about, people who hate their parents. i couldnt imagine life without mine
  7. my mom listens to a lot of country, but she likes what i listen to too. my dad jokes around and says im satan, but he knows he likes it
  8. ahhh thats soooo cool. i looked, and i don't think they had any in florida, otherwise i would have gone. my mom watched it with me, and she kept commenting on robert's...ahem...little buddy. she was like, "he's probably all of 125 pounds. and his penis is about 10 of those pounds" i never thought i'd here that from her. perfect for this smiliy :lol: i love her.
  9. i just finished it!! but it wasnt in theaters...although that would of been frickin awesome. but it was still amazing and hiiiiii, to all who are hereeee.
  10. ugh tell me about it. ohhh well ill get over it. i hate speeches too....i usually never look up at the people and that lowers my grade but it makes me feel better. it's alright. until we meet again!!!
  11. nice to see you too random note: i turn on the tv and the beach boys are on full house. and i know you're all so glad to know that how's life everyone?? i have a pre-ACT test tomorrow...for 4 HOURS! ugh.
  12. helloooo all who may linger here. how's everyone? ummmmm..yea. thats about it
  13. hahaha thank you. and i always love those bananas. that ended up sounding strange.... haha anyway it was fun. but i have early class tomorrow so i must be departiiiiing. g'night dear fellows. or as they say down here in the south....NAIGHT JOHN BOI!
  14. you don't know how good that makes me feel well that was fuuuuun. and i live in eastern florida. by the beeeach.
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