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  1. RPOZ51

    Jimmy Page - Sound Tracks: Box Set

    I wasn't able to put my credit card information in until after I reviewed my order. This announcement was a surprise. I didn't think it would happen until after all of the Led Zeppelin packages were released.
  2. RPOZ51

    New York, NY-Madison Square Garden, June 13, 1977

    Thanks for the pics!!! I must have gotten old. I was there that night!
  3. Yes, Kirby, everything is a remix. Including your premise: Thieving Magpies This story has been told over and over again. Nothing new here.
  4. RPOZ51

    O2 rehearsals leaked

    I just finished listening to the rehearsals. Not to beat a dead horse, but I'm more annoyed with Robert now, than ever before. Sure - it's his prerogative to do as he pleases, and for whatever reason, or no reason at all. I completely understand and respect that. I'm just really disappointed at what could have been, because they clearly were not washed up in December 2007. I don't mean to re-open that whole line of discussion. That is just my immediate reaction after hearing this great session.
  5. RPOZ51

    Jimmy Page Says...

    I didn't know it wasn't an official release. Thanks. Yet, for some reason, I found it necessary to buy two versions of it. I must have issues.
  6. RPOZ51

    Jimmy Page Says...

    I wasn't able to find, "No Introductions Necessary." Can someone give me a hint? I'm sure I breezed right past it.
  7. RPOZ51

    Clapton is God: The Eric Clapton Thread

    Thanks for this. I was there that night!
  8. RPOZ51

    Best Album Cover?!

    Same here! I spent a lot of time chasing them all down, too.
  9. RPOZ51

    Is Zeppelin a metal band or hippie band?

    While I certainly remember them being called a heavy metal band, and lumped in with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, I also remember the term "Hard Rock" being used back in the day. I don't think the term "Classic Rock" was used until the late 80s or 90s. No one in my circles ever called them a hippie band. There are some hippie references sprinkled throughout their studio catalog, but no more than any other influence. In concert, Robert certainly reflected on those influences.
  10. Not the greatest, but here's what is on YouTube for Jeff Beck at Chastain Park 6/11/10: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=JckDfCgwIoQ
  11. Deborah, I know how much you were looking forward to this show, and am so glad that you had a wonderful time. I'm a tiny bit jealous that you also got to see Imelda May and see her sing How High the Moon live. That's awesome! Thank you for the review also. Tom
  12. From the Gibson website . . . http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/les-paul-tribute-0610/
  13. Jeff interview on Rockline . . . . http://rocklineradio...play/replay.php
  14. He does seem uncomfortable talking to the audience, but he is still able to connect.
  15. You are there . . . . Jeff Beck and Brian Setzer at the Iridium 6/8/10: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=-cRdgYCY5Og (Things straighten out after the 1 min mark.)