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  1. wow, forgot all about this...my apologies.. WOW what a show that was (in a foggy 2 year old memory...) His singer was ill, so he had 3 other guys, and his sister even came up for a tune!!! He had Frankie Perez from Scars On Broadway, and another guy or two, aside from Zoe (sp?) was a really, really cool night. On another note, I'm going back to the same place in one week (Sept 9th 2011) to open for Montrose... How lucky am I, eh? some schlub that nobody knows, yet I've lucked into some very cool gigs. BTW....THANKS for the warm welcome back when I started this thread!
  2. Bad Company Original Lineup Reunite For Tour That Will Include Aerosmith's Joe Perry 11/18/2009 .(antiMusic) Now that his gig with Queen is over, Paul Rodgers is returning to the band that brought him the most fame: Bad Company. The reunited band will hit the road in the UK next Spring for a run of eight shows. What makes this outing extra special is the fact that it will feature the original lineup of Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke, who according to Classic Rock haven't performed together in the UK in over three decades – have announced that they will reunite for a series of
  3. Go see this tour if you can... it really is something special .
  4. wow....just ...wow... anyone who says Jason isn't worthy of the legacy is a fool Just an amazing set. I feel priviledged to have been a part of this evening. I heard Dancing Days, Wait For You, Guilty, Wasting My Time, Baba O'Riley, Double Vision... man they closed with a hair-raisiing version of Whole Lotta Love, and a whole bunch of great stuff in between... what an amazing night!!! The surprize of the night? Jason's sister joining them onstage for a tune!! And here's the great truth...the Bonham stuff? Held up very proper next to the Zep, next to the Foreigner... t
  5. OK BOYZ! TONIGHTS THE NIGHT... Bring your A game and let's all kick some ass!!!
  6. Some people would call my singing a form of comedy... OH!!!! I'll be here all week, try the veal... (you make a good straight man! I should have ya write me some one-liners or something..
  7. Here's a nice photo showing my kinder gentler side.. @ The Whisky A Go-Go when I was with a band called Prowler.
  8. I'm the singer..my task is to get the other guys beer when we run low backstage... I'm not allowed to touch anything with strings. In some bands I hit things (and sometimes myself) with sticks, but in this one, I shout things, loudly.
  9. I hope the singer is feeling better by Oct 29th:
  10. I hear ya...my wife is the same way, but she's coming, because my 6 1/2 yr old likes to see his Papa 'make a show'... The CoachHouse is one of the few places I can legally (and safely) bring him to. Most places are either 21 & up, or just too small & loud.
  11. Ya going to the Bonham show? If so, say Hi after my band is done! (and let me know if you need tickets, I can get you my discount..)
  12. Hey all- Just joined the site, cool place ya got here... I'm a huge Ledhead... I have one of the first shows ever (Gonzaga) and the last show ever (Berlin, right?) Favorite song these days is Lemon Song..Levee is a close second..those drums...jeez... nah scratch that...Stairway (I know, I know- 'been there done that', but dammit what a tune) ahh hell it's impossible to figure a favorite Zep tune... ...and the madness continues.... I'm sing in a band, and play drums on the side in another.. (opening for Jason Bonham in a couple of weeks, if anyone wants cheap tix... )
  13. I gotta go with either one of those.. I think LedHeads seems to roll off the tounge better... L-L-L-LedHeads.... reminds me of Lemonheads (the sourcandy, not the band) ...mmmmm...sugar.....me llike.... uh, what were we talking about?
  14. Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I want to send some get-well-soon vibes to Kelly Keeling, first of all... I am the lead singer for one of the opening bands at the San Juan Capistrano show, and I want to see this band play some great tunes!! I'll warm up the crowd good & proper, stop by the bar..grab a whisky & coke.. then head to the balcony & watch a great band play some insanely great, classic tunes. I also do some drumming on the side (most recently in a Hendrix trib), and I gotta say I am real stoked about getting to finally see Jason Bonham do his thin
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