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  1. i think they sound alike mostly cause of the solo with the wah pedal in the treble postion and its kinda played in the same area
  2. i always thought small clips of stuff like that is really cool too, the movie it might get loud has an old film of page in it from the mid 60s and hes walking into the studio with his guitar its pretty cool
  3. o yeah thats a great picture and idk if u ever seen it but theres a video from when they played earls court and after communication breakdown robert says its been 3 hours since we came an now its time to go back and listen to bob marley and the wailers
  4. i play led zeppelin jimi hendrx and jeff beck and alot of other stuff from the 60s and 70s

  5. Hello!

    Welcome:-) What do you play on guitar?

  6. yeah i agree with u on the 1977 tour page was good although sloppy
  7. the only song thats not that great is thank you but besides that all these r great songs
  8. ive heard about page trying 2 play the star spangled banner where can i find it??
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