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  1. One minute seems like a lifetime ...baby,...when I feel this way...I feel this way.... Love it! It IS heavy....but I can identify with the vibes in this song. I think Jimmy's playing is superb on it. I first bought Presence in the Summer of 1981...same time frame my friends and I all got our driver's licenses and were driving all over partying. My first car came to me with an 8-track player and Zeppelin II and III "pre-installed" as it were...it was a very Zeppelin Summer with all kinds of "firsts" and Presence was the backdrop because for a couple of months we were obsessed with it.
  2. So does anyone know what happened to the other 3...article says one was commissioned for each member of the band?
  3. Ted Nugent is an opinionated asshole and although I like some of his music his live performances are lackluster and uninspiring. He's a jealous cunt. Sorry for the profanity...I felt my inner Peter Grant comin on.
  4. I've seen Jimmy a number of times over the years and I've always noticed that he sweats profusely onstage. Rivulets running down his face and clothes nearly soaked through. I've always attributed it to the heat from the lights and the obvious adrenalin rush he's experiencing when he's up there. I really don't think it has anything to do with drugs. Alcohol though does cause sweating in some people.
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