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  1. One minute seems like a lifetime ...baby,...when I feel this way...I feel this way.... Love it! It IS heavy....but I can identify with the vibes in this song. I think Jimmy's playing is superb on it. I first bought Presence in the Summer of 1981...same time frame my friends and I all got our driver's licenses and were driving all over partying. My first car came to me with an 8-track player and Zeppelin II and III "pre-installed" as it were...it was a very Zeppelin Summer with all kinds of "firsts" and Presence was the backdrop because for a couple of months we were obsessed with it.
  2. So does anyone know what happened to the other 3...article says one was commissioned for each member of the band?
  3. IMO low regard of women does not = anti-female...more like not trusting them.
  4. Great book IMO. No real surprises if one is familiar with the other previously published stuff about Zeppelin but this book adds some depth and detail because it's all quotes from people that new the band and had access. The tragedy of Bonzo's alcoholism really came across to me in this book. Had Zeppelins career been in more recent times I think somebody might have made more of an effort to help him. His deterioration was stunning and towards his end he was obviously very unhappy and that, for me at least, comes across so strongly in the book that it almost makes you want to cry. Their huge success and the enormous money machine they were the driving force behind seemed to make everyone an enabler. Peter Grant another great tragedy...I didn't know the extent of his cocaine problem before. Page says he never regretted the drugs (I'm assuming he means his own use) because when he needed to focus he could etc. but IMO drugs and alcohol destroyed Led Zeppelin in the end.
  5. I like a couple of songs on the album...In The Evening and All My Love. The latter mostly because of association with a GF back in the early 80's but In Through The Out Door is my least favorite.
  6. Well that's it..."the Capricorns are in their own little worlds" etc. and are uncommunicative to a degree. IMO Plants comment was very straightforward...he's not the bad guy holding up a reunion...he's got nothing to do in 2014..."talk to the Capricorns"...The question is whether or not he was being genuine or just playing games and creating a fervor...which BTW he's feigns to detest most of the time! He's so sick of the "reunion question" and yet he now throws gas on the fire! Maybe it's his sense of humor...or maybe he's really serious.
  7. davidscott

    Jimmy Page Says...

    Me too...I "hit" Jimmy's home page every morning before moving on to reading the "news" of the day.
  8. From what I read all of Elton's fee was donated to charity.
  9. Ted Nugent is an opinionated asshole and although I like some of his music his live performances are lackluster and uninspiring. He's a jealous cunt. Sorry for the profanity...I felt my inner Peter Grant comin on.
  10. I've seen Jimmy a number of times over the years and I've always noticed that he sweats profusely onstage. Rivulets running down his face and clothes nearly soaked through. I've always attributed it to the heat from the lights and the obvious adrenalin rush he's experiencing when he's up there. I really don't think it has anything to do with drugs. Alcohol though does cause sweating in some people.
  11. I think you said it right when you said Jimmy has kinda faded...I think that happens to all of us if we live long enough. Jimmy is in his 60's...his golden years. That's not to say his vitality has diminished but it's certainly not unheard of for people to mellow and spend more time with family when they get older. Jimmy has also alluded in times past to really enjoying solitude...only to emerge from it with some master work! My feeling is that we haven't quite come to the end of Jimmy's career yet...there will be some new material.
  12. I guess I would of thought Pagey was off his rocker too or directing planes onto a landing deck if I didn't know about the Theremin...LOL
  13. Being a kid in the seventies you couldn't not know some Zep tunes if you listened to the radio but I really didn't get into the band until later when I was 15-16. I really got into the band at the same time I started driving. My stepfather had given me a green Mustang 2 to drive and it came with an old 8-track payer and about half a dozen tapes 2 of which were Zeppelin's second and third albums. At the time Friends and Since I've Been Lovin You were my favorites but both tapes were played constantly and form the backdrop of my life that summer with my first car (and first girlfriends, joints, and keg parties for that matter!). Now I rarely hear Friends or another favorite In The Light on the radio.
  14. davidscott

    DVD O2 news?

    Hi. No it doesn't because my comment concerning "dabbling" was about the Led Zeppelin legacy...not about playing the material. The 4-5 years of touring with Page was done as "Page & Plant" not Led Zeppelin. The O2 show was billed as and indeed was Led Zeppelin reformed (as muc as it could be anyway). IMO that show will not be officially released because I think they would rather not emphasize that last show. And like I said before I hope that I am completely wrong and that it will be released!
  15. davidscott

    DVD O2 news?

    I'm not arguin...just conversatin! I stand corrected on my o2 comment. Thanks!
  16. davidscott

    DVD O2 news?

    I don't agree. Obviously he's fiercely proud of his work with Zep and embraces the legacy...I don't disagree with that...but he's been adamant about not doing a Zeppelin reunion other than the one O2 show. He's been extremely conservative about using Zep numbers in his acts. Live Aid is something he said he was persuaded to do only for charity. Remember all the rabid speculation about a tour after Live Aid? He was the last to get onboard for the o2 and said that was only for Ahmet. So I think it does hold up. By dabble I mean anything to directly affect the Zeppelin legacy such as a new album, tour, book, whatever. Sure they've done things individually and sometimes used a little Zeppelin material but collaboration as Led Zeppelin happened only the one time at the O2.
  17. I'm not a big fan of David Coverdale. The Coverdale Page album is my least favorite of Jimmy's collaborations. I really liked Jimmy's work on Outrider. I thought the numbers he did with Chris Farlowe were fantastic. I'd like to see him do some more blues oriented stuff.
  18. davidscott

    DVD O2 news?

    What gives me insight into Roberts mind is reading the interviews he's given over the last 28 years. I think the o2 show was great and I'm not saying or trying to imply that Robert was not happy with it or that his performance was any less than great. What I'm saying is that I don't believe he will choose that show to be immortalized on DVD. It's not pointing fingers...you are looking at this as if it's black and white issue...release DVD good...not release DVD bad. But I don't believe it's that simple. Zeppelin is notoriously picky about what they will release. Maybe I'm wrong...I hope that I am! I would love to see the o2 show out on DVD. But my gut tells me it is not to be. Also I've been to quite a few shows that were recorded and subsequently never released even though they were great shows. Page & Plant in Hartford 1995 was one of them...great show... too bad it has never leaked out except for Black Dog.
  19. davidscott

    DVD O2 news?

    I'm not saying Robert is putting the kibosh on any future o2 DVD release...I'm saying that if I was Robert that is what I would do because vocally IMO he's much better presented in previous works...notably those released on the 2003 DVD. As far as it being pointless to speculate... isn't that what the forum is about...speculation, conversation about the band, and opinions regardless of the popularity of them? C'mon lighten up! Robert has shown a reluctance for well over 20 years to "dabble" in any way with the Zeppelin legacy. In fact he has said many times publicly that he wants to move past it...that Zeppelin was a time in his life and that time is long over now.
  20. davidscott

    DVD O2 news?

    I don't want to rain on anybody's parade but I don't think the o2 performance is going to be officially released anytime soon. Obviously Jimmy, Robert, and JPJ would have to agree to release it and IMHO I just don't see Robert being onboard with it. Look at it this way...would Robert want to release, and immortalize, what is likely to be the last Zeppelin performance and while a great concert to many showcases his reduced vocal range and capacity? He's obviously going to want to release his best work recorded when Zep was at the peak of their playing ability and his vocal range was intact. That's pretty much what they did with their last DVD...compiled the best they had and put it out. Robert believes, and one would have to agree, that he sang Zeppelin best when he was a young man and that's where he wants to leave it and as much as I would like to see an O2 DVD, and new material, and a tour I understand his point.
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