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  1. Ok I might a gotten a little bit rash and insistent, I'm sorry if I offended anybody. But i just get a little testy when people seem talk about these things without actually studying the science behind it. When you actually look at the data, things are not as easy as they look in si-fi movies. what mostly gets to me is the certainty in witch some people talk about alien visitors, when there is no proof, as long as you are talking about faith and believing, and not facts, I think that it is imperative to leave the conversation on that level. the laws of physics that scientists work with on a daily basis are challenged and disproved on a regular basis, I will give you that. Just look at the Newtonian laws of gravity, it is disproved on a daily basis by satellites orbiting earth, yet it always seem to get things right here on earth. but on the other hand inter dimensional travel IS impossible, if you travel from this dimension to another, and the laws of physics are just a little different there than here, you will cease to exist the second you enter. therefore it is important to not get sucked into conspiracy theories and wacky stories and keep our critical eye open. Having a open mind is about having your mind open to ALL possibilities and investigating the facts. After you have done that you make up your opinion based on those facts, not your emotions or what feels comfortable. actually not, because time is just an component of the measurement system used to define other components,like velocity. (I'm kind of quoting wikipedia on this, just look up the article about time) it is not a energy or some kind of mass, it is just an expression for us to comprehend and sequence events. So when something has happened, then the energy and mass that came together to make that happen are spread along to do other things and make other events. So you can't just travel "back" to that point. traveling forward is just about speeding up the sequence of events without speeding up the sequence in the "craft" that you use to do it. I will not claim expert knowledge about this, time is actually extremely complex and abstract. we have reached the speed of light, all the information that is on the internett is traveling by the speed of light. (well very close to TSOL) But there lies the problem, energy can easely travel at light speed, mass can not. As far I rember even reaching the speed of light will actually transform mass into energy, and you can't turn back from that. Again wikipedia can be helpfull here. look up faster-than-light and light speed. As I said, I'm no expert.
  2. yes, a bible quote, that changes everything! as this discussion crumbles into bible quotes and conspiracy theories, I will leave you now, as the insanity truly starts.
  3. here we start again, time travel?! traveling forward in time is possible, if you have a veichle that can travel in near light speed. traveling backwards in time on the other hand starts to shake the very core of physics. I'm not talking about showing up on the news, I'm talking about the fact that people seem to easily believe that the Illuminati can rule the world behind a veil of secrecy. But seem to forget the near impossibility of hiding something of that magnitude. The larger a conspiracy theory is, the less likely it is to be true. think of all the people, all the chains of information and no leakage? No sudden readings of strange energy and or radiation as the aliens are whizzing through our atmosphere? That is extremely improbable. If you want to be taken seriously, start collecting proper data, get into research. There are tons of private and government funded studies out there that use a little more respected methods than “theyarealreadyhere.com.”
  4. that it's self is unlogical. Of course you have to show some evidence when you claims that aliens are spying on us with insect like creatures. Or that they are living around us right now. Or the mere claim that they are visiting us. What is logical about that?! The very core and and hearth of logic is evidence and critical thinking. As I said, I as you, believe that there is a incredibly high chance that there are other lifeforms in this galaxy, and others. But that they have traveled here and are studying us demands some more proof. you might find that mapping and photographing from the air a landscape witch main claim to fame is the fact that it is extremely inhospitable is quite difficult, if not impossible. take a peak at the facts here and anyway, why would Antarctica be a logical place to make contact? the absence of people to make contact with, the freezing colds and ample source of ice for drinks? You say that there will be panic, yes there will be, but why would they care about that? for them we are only bugs as you say. Have you ever studied a ant hill or a fish aquarium? that actually know you are there, eventually, as you would see from the ant's attacking you and the fish turning to face you. You can't study a living creature forever without any evidence comming out, without someone knowing and\or seeing it. you say "open your mind", well I have a very open mind. But I don't open my mind to BS. I like to think of myself as a critical thinker. I need evidence and research, I just don't start to believe something because it sounds cool, or because I like to think "the man" is out to get me. UFO's is just another conspiracy theory field of mumbo jumbo where critical thinking and burden of proof is sidetracked by fuzzy images of green men with large eyes and dots of light. If you want to live in your fairytale world of men in black and insect spies, then do that, you are perfectly free to. Well you are free to think that, and I could lower my self to your level. But I would rather like you to crack open a book, or listen to other people than alex jones for a moment. http://skeptoid.com/ start here, learn yourself some critical thinking, and then take a new look at your faith.
  5. well, hello yes, the willing contact of extraterrestrial lifeforms is easy to cover up. the huge spaceship, the strange creatures and what ever must follow such an encounter. if they had made contact, what would be the most logical place to do so? central park? the red square? in front of the Norwegian royal palace? if these creatures are so advanced, so intelligent, then why did they choose "one-horse-town" Arizona (but in any other far away isolated place if you will) instead of where there are people to see them and make contact back? If they are so advanced, so intelligent then why would they have any reason to fear us? their weapons technology is sure to be far advanced to us, their medical science would be far advanced. We would pose no larger threat to them than a mere bug. but yet then only show them selves to a drunk farmer out in the country side. yes, the far advanced technology of another species would seem like magic to some one like us, that is true. But I still think you underestimate the difficulties of deep space travel. The distances, the level of radiation and the dangers out there. Even if these challenges can be conquered, there are many still. And even if they are such amazing travelers as you claim, they managed to find this planet of all the possible millions to do their clandestine business? you say this with so much certainty, yet you provide no conclusive evidence. you make claims that are grand indeed, yet you show no grand evidence either. you don't even have enough evidence to make an hypothesis, you just ramble on about "scary" aliens living among us and have nothing to show us. If you had talked about the possibilities, I could probably agree, there are possibilities. But it is just as big a possibility that I am the second coming of Christ and I'm here to save you all. There is just as much proper proof of that. Or maybe I'm the Antichrist or maybe even an alien, Ooooooooh scary! When you make extraordinary claims you have to provide extraordinary evidence. Do that and we might have a descent discussion on our hands. (and no, shaky videos of dots of light on the horison is not extraordinary evidence)
  6. a giant of the guitar and music world, gone. man, I just got real sad.
  7. wormholes and portals? first, wormholes have never been observed, they are only hypothetical. faster than light travel is not something to be trivialized, the level of energy needed to achieve it is beyond, not only what we can make, but also what we can comprehend. Making a portal would probably need a little more than a liter of gas too. if we receive so many visits from these super evolved, super intelligent species, then where are they? If they are spending so much energy and time traveling here, then why are they spending their time kidnapping red necks and hovering ominously over people and then just disappear? why don't they make contact? why don't they show them selves? All of this conspiracy, ifs and buts smells like bullshit to me. of course there are life on other planets, but why travel all this way for nothing, dosen't seem that intelligent to me.
  8. Do I believe in life even intelligent life on other planets? yes Do I believe that they ever have visited us, or ever will in the near future? no The distances, temperatures and levels of radiation in outer space makes the trip from a inhabited planet to earth will take such a huge amount of time. The chances of something going wrong during the hundreds of years it will take to get here are just astronomical. Logic and reason just makes it so close to impossible that I can't believe in it.
  9. why do I get a image of a child being handed i shiny play thing by a adult in a suit? leave it to the media and other political idiots to make a mess of things.
  10. banning something just because they are considered dangerous, is moronic. it will lead to a slippery slope of legislation that quickly will turn your country into a fascist state. in a free society where the responsibilities and dangers of such a thing is understood, they will cause little or no problems. When the government starts to decide for you what you should be able to own or use, based on THEIR thoughts and FEELINGS , things get wrong very quickly. I remember reading somewhere (maybe it was travel-wiki) that Norway was a country where there where "few" warning signs and that places like prekestolen lacks a safety fence. I remember smiling and getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside as I was reading this. Who would deface a national natural monument by putting on barriers and fences around something like prekestolen?! if you are so dumb that you fall of that edge, you deserve every bit of death you find on the bottom. link to prekestolen wiki Here in Norway, you can own more or less any gun, as long as you can prove that you need it. proving that is not difficult, I know a man that owns over 52 guns. There are several limitations, like select fire firearms. Hunting is a national pastime, and I dread the day when urban know it alls may try to change that. When you turn a gun on a person, it is YOUR responsibility, what ever outcome will be YOUR fault. The large majority people that own guns know this, and the large majority of the people that don't, didn't buy their gun from a licensed dealer. I remember when the Norwegian police had a gun asylum, you could turn in illegal guns without getting prosecuted. From all over the country tons of illegal guns where poring in. sten guns from the second world war, garands and alike. Did the police have any prior knowledge of these weapons? no, they didn't. They had been collecting dust in the attics and barns of law abiding citizens for years, most of them left there by the resistance. Most of the people that handed them in where already gun owners. They had never been used in any robberies or murders, they had flied under the radar for almost 60 years! Because they people that had them in their possession knew that using them would be dangerous and illegal. a gun in the hand of a law abiding person, is not anymore dangerous than a hammer in the same persons hand. They know the responsibility, and they feel it every time they take the gun out to use it. You can say that no everybody has these feelings, but should a small minority of people that will be armed whatever the government does, decide what you should be able to own? Should irresponsible parents be able to outlaw swimming pools? Should drunken drivers be able to affect the legality of cars? I have started competing in western action shooting, and will own several guns by the end of the year, including two revolvers. does this make me danger to society, to my family and friends? Seems like it, from several of the posts in this thread
  11. And I'm willing to bet a large wad of cash on the fact that the foto is photoshoped to hell. all foto's are theese days. she is still very beautiful though.
  12. WAY TO HOT!!! it's hotter here than in Spain, and there are no AC's. Who needs them during a normal summer in Norway? But now I almost pray for one.
  13. scandinavian all the way back to the stoneage. as it should be.....
  14. No Have you ever been to Norway?
  15. do: feel free to fart as long as there is no eating of food going on talk politics\religion when ever you feel like it hate the player and the game
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