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  1. And I'm willing to bet a large wad of cash on the fact that the foto is photoshoped to hell. all foto's are theese days. she is still very beautiful though.
  2. WAY TO HOT!!! it's hotter here than in Spain, and there are no AC's. Who needs them during a normal summer in Norway? But now I almost pray for one.
  3. scandinavian all the way back to the stoneage. as it should be.....
  4. No Have you ever been to Norway?
  5. I buy quite a bit. I mostly download a song here and there to get to grips with the artist. And when I find out that I like them, I buy. I rearly download complete albums, only when I can't get a hold of it legaly.
  6. if god is allmighty, can he create a stone not even he could lift?
  7. I belive in aliens, there has to be something out there. but I don't belive they have ever been here.
  8. I love sabbath. And the ozzy years are the best, but I love the dio years as well. ozzy's voice is a integral part of the charm of the early sabbath stuff.
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