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  1. Mine, although a bit cliche, will always be the full length version of The Doors - " Light My Fire." Jim Morrison is a god. Yours?
  2. hey! since we all live Classic rock, I thought I'd pass on this sweet Poetry contest created by The Doors camp: In celebration of Jim Morrison's birthday on December 8,thedoors dot com announced that the Doors Message Board will beconducting a Poetry Contest on their Forum!!! All Board Members are welcome to submit one poem for the contest (it's super easy and FREE to register - I just did it). How to submit? How to vote? There will bea thread in the off topic Poetry section for submissions. Post yoursubmission in this thread. Do not place any votes yet; a new threadwill be opened f
  3. Rockstar Poll! Who does everyone think is the biggest rockstar? Jim Morrison or Robert Plant?
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