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  1. Last week in this same thread I went into the pit only I had the audacity to just say my opinion was that I wasn't into Robert's country vibe. Didn't try to sway anyone to my view just stated how I felt about his last couple projects.Boy did that get certain members in a tizzy. I then stated how when you try to have a differing opinion you are crucified I was told I had "gall" I had victim mentality and I had a woosh over my head because I didn't get it, even was accused of being another member. I also received some great pm's from other members thank you for your support who said they admired me standing up to the mob and how they had seen many good members run off by this mob or chased around threads and harassed seems a week has gone by different topic same thread same mob on attack as usual. To bad these people can't understand that they don't rule the forum threads or dictate general consensus opinions that everyone must comply so these mob members ridicule people in submission or just leaving the forum.Saddest thing is they think it's their right to behave that way and have no remorse in bullying and driving other members away.
  2. I look forward to reading and seeing it. Some thing are delayed release in the US.Thank you kenog.
  3. Those are great. Thank you for posting them Conneyfogle.
  4. Thank you for the information. Is that strictly released in the UK or will it also be available in the US?
  5. To keep going around with again this all knowing attitude is redundant. You seem to think that you know I have never listened to this CD well your flat wrong been there done that. I also saw the show and yes there was fiddling and twanging he closed with One Woman Man and it was as country as country could be. I didn't like it nor the reworked Led Zeppelin songs When the Levee Breaks or Battle of Everemore. Now since this is two years ago it is over and I hope it never comes back again. It closing this post and being done arguing a moot point I want to say thank you to the many pms I have received from members who feel the same way I and others who have dared to express as I did a personal disliking of Robert's recent musical ventures after actually going to a concert and wished they could freely post their thoughts but know a feeding frenzy would set upon them. It is very disheartening this forum can be so inviting with knowledge and topics but because of a group of people can also be so hostile and these very people then say I am so tired of the victim playing or the name calling starts as they crucify with some comment for public humiliation to shut you up. You know who you all are. I said it before and saying it again that is why some members go else where instead of joining in here anymore.
  6. hahaha that comment is so far off it is pitiful. Aquamarine whatever "gall" you are referring to I haven't a clue but since you seem to know everything about everyone enjoy your fantasy and cackle away as you peck apart the next person or "victim" when they express their differing thoughts here.
  7. Great post Oracle that what I was trying to convey.. Ninelives obviously the RS shows floated your boat since you saw it 4 times once was enough for the yippy ky yay show for me. I also saw this round with Band of Joy and I liked it much better than RS but in my heart even in a lower key I will always love Robert as a rocker and wish that was what he still did. That is my opinion but I did go to a show to at least form an individual opinion without having others cram theirs in my face just because they think they can.. Stirring the pot not even speaking my mind on an open forum you bet, just like any member should be able to comfortably do.
  8. Your point is what Aquamarine? I am clueless and hear woosh BlackandGold or yes it was Bluegrass or this board is filled with a bunch or I am so special with my opinion and my posts are meant to make fun of others people posts? I will try to listen over the woosh hovering above do pray tell fill me in? Sad thing this is why so many just lurk or leave because of a bunch of bully's and little know it all people who just can't respect others on a forum where the point is to discuss not slash other people's thoughts. Wonder why so many people are in the where is this member thread?Snide comments run members off not bring them back!
  9. I mostly lurk here and watched so many times you Billy MacQ, insult, demean and anything else you can dredge up in the name of insulting various posters with your phony air of authority all Led Zeppelin but this post is hysterical.to think that Led Zeppelin the band of raunchy rock and roll is to good for someone. Yes, there music is in a brilliant league but it is for anyone who cares to listen so to spew name calling like moron and idiot say people should shunned,scorned ect shows how little you get Led Zeppelin they aren't a warm fuzzy band they bring out passion and whether you agree with the person's passion it's there passion and if they want to bitch about it so what you bitch about everyone else's opinion all the time does that mean you need to be banned, shunned are an idiot, moron or all the other names you throw out at other members on this forum? No so get over yourself.
  10. You have a very valid points in your post until you say "I think" and then say that Raising Sand is neither "country or bluegrass," because you think it it is neither then that becomes an opinion just like the people who think it is. Considering Robert has also played at Blue Grass Festival example the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass in San Fran two years in a row it would again be a perception of the person who listens to his music whether they perceive it as blue grass, country or whatever. The point I hope to make is it's about what the individual personally hears and perceives and no matter what someone else feels about that opinion it is a personal choice and should not be considered less just because it don't fit the general consensus of a forum . People come from all walks of life to express this and should have that right as a member here. I own Raising Sand and did see him on the tour and if I was asked to sum up the style that was to me I would say country. I have seen him many times and by the middle of the encore of the RS concert I left I had no desire to listen to anymore yodeling and country styled music from Robert Plant. I never thought I would leave early at a Robert Plant concert but I did and truthfully I really did not enjoy it but I went to be open minded about his change in direction in the end I wasn't into and have never played that cd again.
  11. I been reading this column and I can say first hand cause I been there that if I was Elin I would have beat his ass then left him. My husband did the same thing I was pregnant he hooked up with someone at work. It went on through my pregnancy and for 2 years after my son was born. They would meet before and after work I thought he was working overtime. One night he came home after swing shift and he called her cause he thought I was asleep. I hid behind the door and listened and then I confronted him when he was on the phone he tried to lie, I grabbed the phone and the dumb bitch answers me when I ask who it was. I have never hit anyone in my life before or after but I smacked him so hard his glasses flew off his face. Until you have walked this path and hopefully not, you can't begin to fathom the betrayal. I took good care of my husband in all ways. We tried to work it out for the kids but he kept cheating on the sly. I never could trust him or get out of my head he f*cked around and exposed me to what ever since who knows if she was doing anyone else besides my husband. All while I trusted him when he said he was working overtime. or they would hook up while I was at work nice huh my baby is sleeping at home while his daddy brings his bitch home and mommy's at work. I left him and didn't look back I was married 14 years. It's easy to say oh she wasn't right to do that but here she has two kids under 3 one born this year and he's out screwing bimbo's what about exposing her to STD's. Anyone think about that? I hope she leaves him and he loses his endorsements. Only thing he should represent is manure cause he is a big bag of shit!
  12. I never said I knew her, nor did I make these public but it's all over the Internet and that is a fact, and she also has no problem dragging her god daughter around while she acts like a cow. I have not any intention on making this a who knows everything just what is out there for everyone in the whole world to see. That is nice you think she is lovely person probably one of the few who does after her Q Award behavior and other photos there are more than one series in the past week of her showing exactly why people cringe. I am sure Robert appreciated her rude behavior as he accepted his award. Forums are for many voices and information that is brought forth whether they differ or not.
  13. I am sorry to disagree but this is a pattern with Amy Winehouse and a nasty one at that. These come from Wenn.com and posted at a blogg whether you like the blogg or not they have some revealing pics to say the least and I can't say these are by any means lovely! She brings this on herself and what ever talent she has, it is overshadowed by her gross behavior. http://www.dlisted.c...easts_17_we.jpg
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