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  1. Friend! Roman! Countryman! You do not even live in my country though! Please respond back! It has been like 5 years since we last spoke! Maybe more!


  3. Didn't Robert Plant buy back his rights in the early 2000s? I believe I read that somewhere, I cannot attribute.
  4. Is it Achilles Last Stand? Now, if my ears do deceive me, if you listen closely to live versions, you can or may hear (or at least I hear for that matter) a click track.
  5. I met John Paul Jones (at the hotel he was staying at in Toronto, just after his April 1, 2000 concert) and after a nice 20 minute discussion with him and his road manager and my friend in the hotel lobby (I thanked him for In Through The Outdoor - which he said no one really has said that to him before and never asked him about Robert and Jimmy, which again he thanked me for) he kindly signed two autographs for me and my friend and said that he had to cut it short (as it was between 2 AM and 3 AM I believe) as he was off to Montreal for the last date of his tour (tomorrow). So, the while I am not an expert in the John Paul Jones Solo Gig-ography, it would make more sense that since it is listed that he did a television taping in Toronto a day or two earlier that he would stay in Toronto, do the Toronto gig (at The Guverment) and then drive (he was using a tour bus) to Montreal (that drive is about 5 hours on average from Toronto to Montreal) instead of it being Toronto, Montreal, Toronto?
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