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  1. Thats why there isn't much JPJ on physical grafitti boogie with stu? ring a bell?
  2. " Peter Grant the man who Led zeppelin" is great. HOTG was crap it was all about the myth and very little about reality in my humble opinion. also Led Zeppelin the definitive biography is great
  3. I think Hot Dog kicks ass, it is Led Zeppelin just throwin it out there and having fun. The drums on Fool in the Rain are amazing. Listen to this album it plain rocks. Listen to the base line of Carouselambra John Paul Jones is a GOD. This album shows that Led Zeppelin was truly the sum of four parts. They have to all be there to be Zeppelin. I am all about a new tour, but it isn't and can never truly be LED ZEPPELIN. I think i ill go listen to ITTOD now
  4. I think we should all know by now that what Plant says is never concrete and is never forthright when it comes to Zeppelin. He wants a tour with out being hounded night and day about Zeppelin. If he copped to a world tour now he would get no peace
  5. If it wasnt for Peter the stones wouldnt have even got off the ground. john paul jones musical arranging on their albums,please musically the Stones are roadies compared to Jimmy and John Paul
  6. when Robert and the boys were rockin crowded in front of Bonham's drum set Dick Jagger had to hop around on an inflatable penis to get noticed. This comparison is unfair. The poor Stones will always show up w a pocket knife to a gun fight when compared to the mighty Hammer of the Gods LED ZEPPELIN
  7. I think Little by Little is about Bonham and or the loss of Zrppelin Little by little my heart grieves little by little I call your name little by little my tears fall little by little everything changes little by little the time goes little by little the days pass by little by little the air clears little by little I can breathe again back to the mirror your good friend talk to the mirror play out your game sat in the middle I stop then look at the winner the price you paid close the window i tremble love was a fall that had no end now little by little the air clears little by little i can breathe again I call your name call your name evreything changes
  8. I have met john paul jones twice in seattle. once on the Zooma tour and once when he was with the mutual admiration society. The first time I met him I was out in front of the venue about 6 hours before the show . I was looking through the door trying to see in when a guy walked up and opened the door he held it for a minute and asked if I was coming in. I said no and as the door was closing My jaw dropped it was JPJ being an absolute gentleman.I saw the show, musically better than any robert or page/ plant show I have seen and Ive seen quite a few. After the show he came out and signed a hand drawn picture of him off of Zep 3. I have met Robert 5 times and it is always great but JPJ seemed so flattered that people came to see him.The drawing I have is really done well and he seemed genuinely nerviuos about where he should sign it. I told him right across the face and he did it. JPJ was zeppelin as far as I am concerned. If you seen the Zooma tour you now what i mean.Jimmy is the killer riff, the punchy riff ,robert is the sexual energy bonham was the power and JPJ was everything beautiful. Everything that was arranged perfectly.The organ on the beginning of Stairway is so beautiful go listen to it right now and realize that that organ makes that song.go listen to Kashmir and think what it would be w/o JPJ.black dog is a JPJ riff. The man is God. I was a Robert fan # 1 until Zooma came out and I saw him live.JPJ is my favorite.Go to johnpauljones.com and look at his biography it lists everyone he worked with. He was the British invasion B FINGERS !!!!!!!
  9. I wonder what Richard Cole did on the 10th ? I bet he was wishin he didnt write that book about now
  10. And may i add I am a Zeppelin freak and if they do tour I will sell everything i own to go
  11. They shouldnt tour they should always be able to say they did what they did and never whored themselves out and cashed in.Led Zeppelin is the biggest band ever, noone can touch em.As time goes by they get better and better.And to ride that wave having only been together on the 70s is a wonder.We Know it would be the biggest tour ever and that probably no one can or will ever be able to draw that kind of attention and money. But isn't knowing that and not doing it the meaning of integrity. And never selling out ,never trying to be #1 doing everything with integrity is Led Zeppelin.One final thought, Robert doing music with Alison Krauss is what Zeppelin was all about.Not looking to the outside world for what you should do.Stretching ,growing doing something new at every turn was Led Zeppelin.Best of luck to you Robert, the path you follow is in inspiration to me.
  12. when I saw Page Plant in 95 Plant missed the timing on Going to California. He let out an "oh fuck" and started singing on the next bar.
  13. I am 37. This is soo cool this shows how Led Zep is still fresh and new. How they are still a group who will speak to rebellion and youth. They are the Hammer of The Gods. I fell in love with them in grade school. I stole some weed from my parents and traded it for Physical Graffiti. That same year Coda came out and i got it for christmas.I have been a freak ever since.
  14. Your holier than though attitude is very snobbish.we are all here to be brothers and enjoy our love of Led Zeppelin together. Tone down th arrogance
  15. One more story. Page and Plant in Vancouver BC. My Wife and I show up to the show about 6 hours early.As we are walking around we notice a door with a wedge in it and crew members are running in and out. So in we go. We go in and sit down in the back of the arena and we watch the sound check for the orchestra playing with them that night.I have to go to the bathroom so I tell my wife I will be right back. I start wandering around looking for a bathroom and next thing I am back stage and Robert is walking right at me. I say hello shake his hand and say cant wait for the show.He says me too and off he goes.I run back and get my wife and we go back stage. we got in before security was there. As security shows up they pay no notice to the moron (me) in a Zeppelin shirt with binaculars around his neck.Being the freak I am i start drinking the pop and treats set up for the band. I walked out onto the stage and stood at Roberts mike and looked out into the arena.I was waiting for jimmy.But I had drank so much that I had to go to the bathroom and the only bathrooms were in Jimmy or Roberts dressing rooms and both had security by that time.So we went back out to the land of normal people went to the bathroom found our seats and watched the best concert I have ever seen. I have seen Robert 3 times and Page /Plant 5 times and this was the best show of em all Song remains the same and Hey Hy What Can I Do were the highlights
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