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  1. I haven't seen one instance here of anyone outright believing anyone's personal accounts in Hoskyn's book, however I see numerous instances of personal accounts in the book being called outright lies by a segment of people who simply don't like what was said in the book. Not liking what was said does not make what was said a lie so that accusation is only that, an accusation.
  2. Be it the 12 string/6 string thing or the smoking issue Mielazu has a total hard on for it for someone who wasn't there as well as saying that Levfre said that Page's main interest with the 02 was the merchandising which is not what Levfre said at all. I could care less about Levfre but when I see someone accusing another of character assassination & then does it themselves all I can say is that it's totally hypocritical. Was misquoting Levfre by Mielazu intentional to serve his biased view of Lefvre or an accident by not remembering the quote on merchandising for what is was? If Levfre ha
  3. No one here throughout this thread is tearing down the things "we" love, I have not seen one instance of that. Again it's one segment of people who have read the book with an open mind & left the book with an open mind, the other segment who read the book with whatever approach they went into it with but left the book with their minds shut to the negative comments that they didn't particularly like & decided that those comments/observations are not only lies but in no way plausible. That to me is ridiculous. Then to claim character assassination to only do it themselves & to misquo
  4. There is no Page bashing here, just some people like myself with an open mind to scenario's that were completely plausible to have possibly occurred while another segment who claim not to be fanboy's insist that these plausible situations not only could not have happend but outright didn't even though they themselves did not witness any of the scenario's. If anything is slanted towards Page here it's not the bashing of him but the unquestionable defense & idol worship of him. I read the book, Levfre might have an axe to grind as he is not pleasant but that doesn't mean he's not telling t
  5. What has Plant stated countless times over the years on why he doesn't want to revisit Led Zeppelin as a band again: the bigness & pressure of it all. He did the one show as a gift & that was it for him. I'm sure he had no interest in making that show bigger & with added pressure, merchandising I'm sure would be a part of him feeling like he was "in the fish bowl again". Page desperately wanted to continue. What we now have is the show on DVD instead of a lucrative tour that followed that show. Page has now "almost" resigned himself that they will not perform again... instead we a
  6. And to paraphrase JPJ, five years is like a week in Zeppelin time.
  7. Page gives the same pat answers in every interview & always has, which is smart as he doesn't like to trip himself up. What Page accentuates is that energies were focused on the show not a DVD of the show which I'm sure is true, it so happens that we now have merchandising of the show in various formats, I'm sure all divvied up accordingly. Led Zeppelin since 1980 has existed solely as a business, Page is the curator of that business, a conversation between Plant & Page during a business meeting where merchandising is brought up about the show that hasn't even been played yet makes per
  8. Hoskyns book on LZ 4 was actually "written" by him where he is telling the story of the album through his own words based on quotes from the principles involved. In Hoskyns current book he let's the quotes of those he has interviewed tell the story, a story he formed into a narrative based on the quotes given to him as well as quotes from the band members from other sources to either counteract an allegation or support it. Hoskyns has his finger all of the book yet he doesn't interject his own words & I think wisely so.
  9. What would "Celebration Day" be then? It's merchandise & only a portion of it's sales are going to charity.
  10. Levfre didn't say he thought Page did the 02 show based on the merchandising, what Levfre said was that Plant had told him that he was disgusted after a meeting that Page was already divving up the merchandising before they even did the show. Plant, not Levfre, apparently made this accusation, Levfre just recounted this exchange.
  11. Plagiarism was involved... it's the issue obviously or Holmes wouldn't have a credit now. So Holmes waited 40 years before he took the legal action when originally he tried to settle the issue in the 70's by personally wishing to talk to the powers that be but was ignored. From the 80's on he took it to the court of public opinion & was still ignored by the powers that be. Holmes took it to court & the aftermath is that he has the credit he has publicly stated since the 80's that he wish he had received when he reached out to the Zeppelin camp in the 70's. Don't blame the victim for re
  12. The Musician interview from 1988 featuring Page was with Charles M. Young. It did not go well lol.
  13. It's totally & nothing but a studio production. There's not a song recorded live on it & for that time had numerous overdubs on it. "Sgt Pepper" & "Pet Sounds" are probably the only albums of that time by a band to have more studio tinkering outside of a Phil Spector production. "Sunrise" is the only sparse song on the album & even that is has overdubs, vocal effects, etc. "Armenia City In The Sky" & "I Can See For Miles" have everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. Regardless, "Who By Numbers" would be my second favorite.
  14. The whole structure of "Tea For One" is a post 1950's Chicago blues in the style of what Albert & BB King were doing in the mid to late 60's. By the time of their popular recordings the blues genre was almost totally removed from the 1920's to 1940's Delta blues that Zeppelin captured perfectly on their truest blues song & one of their most maligned being "Hats Off To (Roy) Harper". That's truly a blues song, it's not some sort of hybrid of other genres as "SIBLY", "Custard Pie", "Whole Lotta Love", "Trampled Underfoot", "NFBM", & "I'm Gonna Crawl" are. "When The Levee Breaks" is a
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