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  1. It's a strange album & one of my favorites. It has the commercial sheen of "Houses Of The Holy" along with it's tongue in cheekness where the former had "The Crunge" & "D'yer Ma'ker" the latter has "Hot Dog", songs that fans are polarized by ( I happen to love all three but I happen to have a sense of humor ). Also it's a gamechanger like LZ III where there is a shift in a more dominant sound of a particular instrument, again a polarizing aspect among fans ( LZ III & ITTOD are among my favorites where LZ II & Presence are not ). I think LZ were adventurous until the end & it's their risks that I'm most attracted to & listen to most.
  2. Presence does contain Page's best electric & Bonham is a powerhouse per usual... but it is a downer of an album in comparison to any of their other albums. In places the sound is very stripped & stark such as "For Your Life" & "Tea For One", the lyrics are bleak on those two as well as angry on "Hots On For Nowhere", Plant is in a wheelchair, not a strong writing from JPJ to be found, a lack of light & shade, and... Page is spiraling heavily into heroin. Outside of "Candy Store Rock" & "Royal Orleans", the albums weakest tracks, what's light about the album? It's just totally intense.
  3. http://youtu.be/PBRmpNXC Sigh. Oh well, this was supposed to be the Yardbirds covering the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting For My Man" in 1968. Page really digs into the riff.
  4. Why make any further effort when one's so called fans are almost never satisfied with no matter what one does? People complain that Page has done nothing since "Clarksdale" even though in just over the course of a decade he tours with The Black Crowes & releases an album of the tour, releases the Led Zeppelin DVD & live album, does the reunion show at the 02, plays the closing ceromony at the Oympics, does the odd charity gig, inducts & plays with Jeff Beck at the RARHOF, does a yearly interview with Guitar World, releases a photo documentary of his life in book form, stars in "It Might Get Loud", starts a website re-releasing solo material on vinyl & shares his memories daily while people complain about it like the sky is falling if a date is off or he chose to share his memory of a session with Lulu rather some than aspect of Zeppelin, nevermind the complaints about all the other things he did that I mentioned before over the past decade before launching the website. I'd say a good portion of people of here blew it & not the other way around in regards to Page.
  5. Those who choose to nitpick & complain about the gifts given to them rather than appreciating those gifts as the extension of warmth as it was intended will often end up with nothing at all.
  6. "He's not even the best drummer in The Beatles" - John Lennon when asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world
  7. I remember a few weeks after Live Aid I was watching channel 5 in New York City at around 1 am in the morning & this came on & I happend to have a blank videotape in the VCR. I jumped off of my couch with the first few 20 seconds of "Lucille" playing as I couldn't believe I was seeing Jimmy Page playing with The Beach Boys, I had no idea & I just lucked out by having it on for no good reason. I fumbled to record it & got it taping just before the first guitar solo. I watched this over & over again the rest of that summer as it made up for the Live Aid debacle in my mind as I knew Jimmy Page still had "it". The tossing of his sun glasses was so cool to this 12 year old & regardless of how sloppy he was I loved that last distorted solo & still do.
  8. I think Ringo is a fine drummer whether it be "A Hard Day's Night" or "She Said, She Said" but Paul was a better drummer... & guitarist too. The man just oozes musical genuis no matter what instrument he touches.
  9. I just picked this up & it's great because as an American I never got to read those NME & Melody Maker interviews in full unlike the Creem articles of the 70's. Reading those articles in this Uncut compilation made me realize what a lazy writer Stephen Davis is in "Hammer Of The Gods", not for his quoting of things the band members said in the original articles but for actually lifting the authors of those articles choice of words in their observations & essentially passing them off as his own.
  10. Hyperbole. Ringo didn't put down Bonzo's drumming as in his skills in anyway. To quote Ringo in the article "I don't listen to records for the drums. John Bonham's incredible solo's didn't knock me out. I don't feel you need solos. You need to feel emotion in the track. It's no good calling me if you like modern jazz. I play pop and rock. I support the song. I can hold steady time". And I agree with Ringo. I hate frickin' drum solo's 98% of the time. Put on Bonzo's "Over The Top" & my mind will go numb. The world's greatest drummer can't hold my attention with a 20 minute drum solo, sorry that's just the way it is. Bonzo supporting a track like "The Ocean" is an entirely different matter though, he makes the song as Ringo does with The Beatles "Rain".
  11. It is a good book all around. The Van Halen chapter is great & I'll never look at Dale Bozzio the same.
  12. The first is a form of complaining but I'd call it nitpicking & quite frankly it's beyond pointing those inaccuracies out, it becomes a frickin' travesty to most who point them out as if the sky were falling. So a date is wrong or another recollection is a bit off... so what? It's Page's recollection, not the obsessive compulsive's recollection. Page is doing something: he's living his life & going about his career according to how he see's fit as I'm guessing he always had with the tools available & how he wants to utilize them. What's so hard to understand about that? Oh I forgot, a segment of the frustrated feel Page owes them a direct answer. Tough. He almost never has given direct answers throughout his public life & career, why start now...
  13. Typically only complainers want to hear complainers complain, it's a common bond. I have no problem with a person complaining about making their rent, an unexepected medical emergency, being laid off from their job, etc ie things that tangibley affect their lives but to complain on thread after thread about what an entertainer does or doesn't do in their career or personal life, well you have to be kidding me. It's quite frankly insane. I suppose it's fine if a teenager does it, though it's no less annoying, but actual adults? And anyone making mental scenario's about someone other than themselves to fulfill some desire in themselves is a kook in my book. My advice to those who complain about Page's choices: boycott his music if you have a problem with his choices or to be more blunt sh!t or get off the pot as only princess's locked in castles whine as much as what I see here.
  14. Personally I think you do or least did care in regards to the earlier post about his website as there was a touch of venom in your words or so I took it as. If I encountered Page, hypothetically, I'd only have this to say to him: "thanks for the music". That's it. No need to get in to the mental scenario's of fans sense of entitlement to his life & career choices, just a simple "thank you" for what he has shared... & still does daily via his website that a segment of his fans complain about.
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