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  1. 1996.02.15 - Osaka Ten Years Gone... Sounding real nice...
  2. Yup. The German/Vienna shows show Page at his most exciting and the band really did peak, even if Plant's voice was no longer capable of reaching the upper registers like he did back in '71. If Page would ever consider cleaning up one of those soundboards from Germany or Vienna and making it available it would be snapped up by Zep fans in a heartbeat.
  3. '75 versions are much faster. '77 versions plod along like Bonham has no energy left. '80 Berlin is the most fun of them all. Page goes all out and pretty much blows his whole wad on on this one tune. The rest of the show pales after it. He just runs out of gas. SIBLY is awful but it's basically because he's too spent from going bananas during TU.
  4. Last gasp of a heavy rock band in decline. Plant's voice is in good shape, circa '77 shape Jones's playing is good but nothing special Bonham's drumming is not terribly inspiring or as compelling as in years past. Page - the biggest disappointment- while he could still play with excitement on some tunes, (some of those versions of Trampled are exhilirating) other times his playing is dreadful...I just don't see how the band could have thrived in the 80s without Page getting off of the smack entirely This is a band not at all at their peak. They played their guts out and then some during their heyday and couldn't top it. They would have coasted on their 70's fame throughout the 80's if Bonham had lived.
  5. Sorry, but Baton Rouge doesn't hold a candle to St. Valentine's. The latter is overall a superior performance, especially by Page. There are some high points w/Baton Rouge, but after a thorough listen, ST. Valentine's gets the nod for a better performance, overall. Not sure I'd keep Baton Rouge around for much. There are more inspired '75 performances worth listening to...
  6. Actually, Robert's voice isn't so bad during the St. Valentine Day's massacre at all. The band performs well and it's a monster of a show, really, for '75. To say '75 was Zep's worst year is utterly ridiculous. Page all smacked out in '77 was probably Zep's worst year as a touring live band. At least in '75, Page was still capable of firing on all cylinders and there are many good examples of that during '75. So please, stop it with the gross generalizations about how bad Zep was in '75. With the exception of Plant's flu, the band still achieved greatness at many shows.
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