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  1. Would have been perfect if Page had only been in tune.
  2. Nothing could beat Hendrix's guitar performance at Woodstock. Rival? Questionable. Jimi's performance at Woodstock is unique in the annals of electric guitar playing. That's not to say Zep wouldn't have put on a terrific show at Woodstock. They would have. But Page is/was not Hendrix. Hendrix was not Page. There's no point in comparing the two. There's a reason why Hendrix always ranks #1 for inspiring electric guitarists the world over.
  3. Plant sings better during the rehearsal than during the main event.
  4. The biggest disappointment with the '75 tour of the U.S. was paucity of material from the first three albums. Plan said the band would offer some color from the entire 6.5 year career of Zep and yet we barely get any songs from the first three albums. The first eight songs of every concert begin with tunes starting from Led Zep 4, back into PG, then back in 3 and basically stays there until WLL and the very end where if we're lucky we get HB or CB. This isn't retrospective at all. We got essentially nothing from Zep 1,2 and 3. Oh yeah, toss in the MB from Zep 2 but that's a drum solo, less a song. Bummer.
  5. 1996.02.15 - Osaka Ten Years Gone... Sounding real nice...
  6. Distorted soundboard. Overall, a very good performance by the band. Bonzo's drumming is powerful and does standout. Percy's voice, with all its cracking and short-circuiting still grabs your attention. I'd like to edit out about 90% of his oohs, yess, and ahhs, however. Jone's bass playing is fine. Page is very good. CB is a fun one. For '75 fans, it's a must have.
  7. Gotta love the segway from HMMT into WLOL! How many shows did Zep try that one? Super rare!
  8. And it is a super charged Zep concert if there ever was one. Very good audience tape and the whole band is on fire. Sweet version of HB. Cool version of D&C. Last performance by Zep of '69! Notes: ------ Over the years, there's been much speculation regarding the validity of Led Zeppelin's appearance at Ecole Centrale's Piston 70 - despite a review in the French magazine Best in February 1970 and a publication of the programme in the book Hexagonal Experiences. The first clue was the photographs of the gig taken by Gilles Château, which were published on the LedZeppelin.com website. But now, more than 40 years later, there's no doubt that it really happened since this recording has been dug out! A 40 years old master tape that has never been circulated before. CD 1 (side A): 1. Good Times Bad Times (intro) 2. Communication Breakdown 3. I Can't Quit You 4. Heartbreaker 5. Dazed And Confused 6. White Summer - Black Mountain Side CD 2 (side : 1. You Shook Me 2. Moby Dick 3. How Many More Times
  9. Bonham was average for 1980. I don't hear any remarkable percussion during the final Zep tour. Bonham does his best to hold it together. But he's a shadow of his former greatest years, '69-73.
  10. Yup. The German/Vienna shows show Page at his most exciting and the band really did peak, even if Plant's voice was no longer capable of reaching the upper registers like he did back in '71. If Page would ever consider cleaning up one of those soundboards from Germany or Vienna and making it available it would be snapped up by Zep fans in a heartbeat.
  11. '75 versions are much faster. '77 versions plod along like Bonham has no energy left. '80 Berlin is the most fun of them all. Page goes all out and pretty much blows his whole wad on on this one tune. The rest of the show pales after it. He just runs out of gas. SIBLY is awful but it's basically because he's too spent from going bananas during TU.
  12. What is the definition of "greatest?" If you mean, most inspired, than I would argue that Hendrix probably was the most inspiring electric guitarist of his time and in many ways still is. Anyone who seeks to play electric guitar would have to be inspired in some way by Hendrix. Page paid homage to Hendrix during several Zep performances back in their heyday, and if he had made the effort to actually see Hendrix perform (and he had several opportunities) I'm sure he would have come away knowing he saw and "Experienced" something very special. But Hendrix isn't "greater" than Page just like Page isn't "greater" than Hendrix. You have to evaluate each guitarist on their own merits. There would be no Led Zeppelin without Page so to that end, Page was indespensible and as great as he needed to be in order to draw attention to the band and elevate it to be one of the greatest hard rock bands ever. But it's best you veer away from this idea of "greatest" and just enjoy and evaluate each guitarist for their own contributions, particular, for the music they helped to create.
  13. Last gasp of a heavy rock band in decline. Plant's voice is in good shape, circa '77 shape Jones's playing is good but nothing special Bonham's drumming is not terribly inspiring or as compelling as in years past. Page - the biggest disappointment- while he could still play with excitement on some tunes, (some of those versions of Trampled are exhilirating) other times his playing is dreadful...I just don't see how the band could have thrived in the 80s without Page getting off of the smack entirely This is a band not at all at their peak. They played their guts out and then some during their heyday and couldn't top it. They would have coasted on their 70's fame throughout the 80's if Bonham had lived.
  14. Well, vive la difference, as they say. I think 5/25 is a better show (performance wise) than 5/30. Listen to ALS on 5/25. Has much more energy and power
  15. Review of 5/30 The boys are sluggish! Listen to Sick Again. They are struggling to get through this tune. They sound SLOW. NFBM also sounds a bit slow to my ears. It's solid but no reason to think this version is superior to other versions from the '77 tour. Bonham is solid but sounds "slow" to my ears. His drumming does not match his inspiration of playing to the LA crowd. Bonham killed them at LA. He doesn't do so here. Page is good but makes mistakes (par for the course for most of '77 and his heroin addiction certainly didn't help things). Plant sings great for '77 and it's always a pleasure to hear Plant not crack up so much (as he did in '75). JPJ is pretty solid and don't have any real complaints about his playing. Some solid piano playing by Jones in NQ. Lots of repetitive chord playing, which sometimes gets a tad annoying. When Page comes in at the 10 minute mark, he doesn't sound in tune with Jone's piano. Kinda weird. Or maybe he's just playing in a different key. I know Page would never release this show commercially. Landover is definitely not superior to the string of NY shows either. Is the 25th superior the 30th? I'll have to give it a listen. So far, I give Landover a B for performance. It's no A, that's for sure. Thanks to Empress and thanks to those for getting it out. So far, nothing tops the string of LA performances. They remain the crown jewel of '77 (until I hear otherwise).
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