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  1. Somebody should just make a cheque out to Robert for a billion.. He'd be on a plane the next day
  2. I was there at his speech, dropped in on the way home from college. Was cool seeing the man in person, speech was a bit cheesy but that's expected
  3. So excited for Jonsey, this is going to be amazing
  4. Love of my life, and she doesn't even know it
  5. That is too funny.. I did that but with Almost Famous, when the dude mentiond their names.. Don't worry it'll pass
  6. There doing a god job, percy looks great.
  7. I'm shocked, this is tragic. RIP Michael.
  8. Bought this album the other day, i'm a huge GNR fan. I can safely say, it's amazing. Axl is a genius.
  9. Percy's in a good place at the moment, doing what he loves, Let's leave it that way
  10. There was a good interview with him on the carpet, quite blink and you miss it..but nice lol
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