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  1. Only eleven years later, I've located two sources for the Mesa '93 show. Robert does indeed say "I'll see you in Tucson in February" just before leaving the stage after the last encore. Maybe he was referring to something other than a gig?
  2. I saw Plant in Indianapolis in June of '88, my first concert, actually. Mission UK was the opener and they didn't get booed, but the audience basically ignored them. Then I had tickets to see him in Chicago on Oct 11, 1988, but that one also got pushed to December 15, 1988 due to the shower incident. Joan Jett was the opener in Chicago, and she went over well.
  3. I was watching the black comedy series 'Dead Like Me', which involves people (who are dead but look living) who takes the souls of those who are about to die. They have to do it before the actual death occurs so as to spare the soul the trauma of dying, and so much of the show involves figuring out who the target is and finding them without much info to go on. One girl is assigned to 'reap' the soul of a rock star, but it's difficult getting close to him due to the security. It all happens during a concert taping, and the tune he's singing is 'In My Time of Dying.' The episode is 'Rites of Passage', from the second season. It's a quirky entertaining show.
  4. I You Shook Me, followed closely by I Can't Quit You II The Lemon Song III Hats Off to Roy Harper (though I really don't like SIBLY or Celebration Day, either) IV Misty Mountain Hop HOTH: The Crunge PG: Boogie With Stu P: Tea For One ITTOD: South Bound Saurez As a general observation, I don't care for Robert's singing on slow blues tunes....it seems like he's so busy trying to sing as high as he can that he never seems to bother with an actual melody. Whenever I hear the ending of the studio version of You Shook Me, I always think, 'Damn dude, you're gonna regret that!'
  5. July 7, 1980, Berlin....Zeppelin's last concert. 30 years ago.
  6. The previously-uncirculated audio of The Firm at Purdue University 4/29/86 is now available at a Cosmic tracker near you.
  7. FWIW, all the above-mentioned articles were in the big archive file I sent you a few months back, Steve. Scanned from original copies.
  8. I've been reading a new crime novel called Rough Country by John Sandford, who is a pretty big name in the business. A couple of his detective characters are rock and roll fans, and chapter 15 has the following opening sentence: 'Robert Plant and Alison Krauss were working their way through 'Please Read the Letter' as Virgil backed his boat down the ramp into Stone Lake.' In Sandford's first (excellent) book, Rules of Prey, the cop takes a witness to see Aerosmith before taking her to bed, and so it's about time somebody from Zeppelin got their due.
  9. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the story is behind the master tape of this show? Like, where was it these last 35 years before it surfaced, and what caused it to surface when it did?
  10. Market Square Arena, Indianapolis. 1974 - 2001. Site of two Zeppelin concerts (75, 77), two Plant shows (85, 88), one Firm show (85), two Page/Plant shows (95/98). The '88 Plant show was the first rock concert I saw, and included a rare encore of 'Back in the USSR.' It was also the site of Elvis Presley's last concert (77). Lost Indiana: Market Square Arena Indy's Market Square Arena goes out in clouds of smoke Multiple video angles of the demolition at this link. LedZeppelin.com page for the '75 Zeppelin concert.
  11. I wouldn't say anything bad about Basie.....they're still one of the greatest bands you'll ever hear. Different genre, but jaw-droppingly good!
  12. Getting back to the Fremont Club, I think one of the issues it had was during the construction of the 'Fremont Street Experience', the whole street was torn up for at least a year while they were putting up the canopy, and that really hurt business. Plus, when it was finally done, it was a big let-down.
  13. I managed to google up this image on someone's flicker account.
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