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  1. My health is deteriorating and I have been thinking about donating my collection of official releases. Mostly it is CDs and box sets of Floyd and Zeppelin that were bought sealed and only touched with gloves. These were my prized possessions. Most are long out of print. I have spent years trying to obtain several copies of official releases from USA, Japan, and EU. I would like these to be sent to the UK and stay in the UK. Is there a way to create some kind of small museum or something? I was wondering if there would be a way to donate these to the official archives of the bands. I know it might not mean much to some people, but these items meant a lot to me.
  2. WRONG. The Houston 1977 soundboard has the same 45 min cuts, they just covered them up. It is definitely a soundboard like the other 1977 tapes.
  3. Steve, Were soundboard tapes from any other tours stolen, or was it just 1980?
  4. Will there be an official digital download offered, such as HDtracks.com? A digital file has leaked on the internet already, seems to be from the digital master (not from a vinyl copy). I can't find any online download stores that have this yet, so it must have leaked from someone "inside".
  5. No Quarter 02/04/1975 Nassau Coliseum
  6. More than one person, and they don't know each other well. Do you really think I can say their names publicly? I don't even do that privately. What "outrageous" claims have I ever made here? The fact that Empress Valley has a whole lotta soundboards does not have to be considered an "insider" claim. Yes I know a bit more than I can say publicly, but it's superfluous as what I was told by various different folks I had already assumed before they even told me. You don't need inside info to see the game they are playing with what they release and hold back for later. If you want to talk about "outrageous" claims ask that kid on R-O and TTD involved with the NOLA audience tape who claimed that he has Indy 1977 audience, a proshot video of Seattle 1975 (total bs), and a crap load of Presence outtakes that do not circulate. He also told me he had (or saw) a black and white pro shot video of 5/21/1977. Have I made any claims like that? No I have not. Honestly NUTrocker, I always wondered if YOU are hoarding something big and you are trying to test people here to find out if anyone knows about it. I still think that.
  7. I agree with you about the amount of b.s. in the collecting world, but I only said bootleg companies have way more soundboards than you think. how is that not believable? they release one every year, you know they could release 5 a year and still have enough left over. I thought this was obvious.
  8. This is a VERY bad idea. The bootleggers will get even more than that when they release them and this kind of chatter could delay those releases even further. Yes I agree EVSD is taking too long to release this stuff. Why not try to convince the band to release these tapes themselves? They probably have the masters which would sound better anyway. EVSD doesn't have the masters they are 1st gen copies that they are using to make the CDs.
  9. I mean all of the ones they got their hands on back then. They're sitting on more than 25+ unreleased soundboards, and supposedly a video as well.
  10. Uhhhh no they DON'T. That's the problem right there. That does not "maximize" any demand. Release 4 or 5 per year to get the excitement going. Why they aren't doing this when they have so many is beyond me. To clarify I don't know if they have "every show" from 1975 or 1977 but they have way more than you think.
  11. They don't pay for them. They kind of fell into their lap a good while ago and they've been SITTING ON ALL OF THEM.
  12. Before "Conspiracy Theory" came out, not many people knew of the 3/14 San Diego show. Is it possible that they added other dates to the 1975 tour that we still don't know about?
  13. He does, he's just pretending not to.
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