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  1. Check this out: ROCKWORLDEAST BLOG CONTEST It's easy. go in, read the details. Go to the site (ROCKWORLDEAST), shop around, pick your favorite stuff, tell us, and win it. AND, if you buy anything from now til the end of May, your entry gets entered twice plus you could win extra stuff! It's exciting and its fun and its an easy way to get free stuff. Sign up cuz we give stuff away ALL THE TIME!
  2. ijust wanted to let everyone know about the contest the store i work at ithaving right now... you can win free shirts. the details are here: DETAILS all you have to do is type in your email. good luckeveryone!!
  3. Its that time of year again when we all have to think about throwingdown big bucks on our significant other's for christmas presents. what route are you taking this year? practical? romantic? thoughtful? i'll probably do what i do every year, buy him some shirts from thestore i work at he loves classic rock and metal and stuff, so its apretty easy gig for me.. he's been checking this one out lately: FLY ZEP but if i can spring it i might get him this one: USA 1977 and i'll probably suppliment it with another one of his favorite bandshirts. maybe get all domestic and bake him som
  4. my dad gave me ummagumma when i was 12... liked it ever since
  5. OMG i laughed so hard at this one!
  6. Oswald. cheesecake or ice cream cake?
  7. haha nope... sounds interesting though! HYE tripped UP stairs?
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