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  1. I think Donna Interviews Led Zeppelin in an Episode, am I crazy? I watch this episode a long time ago and I was not a Led Zeppelin fan at that time, so I didnt pay so much attention, but I remember that there was an episode were Donna interview the band for his radio show or something like that, and now I notice that the entire 5th season has Led Zeppelin titles for each episode, so it may be plausible, does anybody know in which episode this happens (in case if its true)????
  2. The Moby Grape song is good but also boring at the end... so, not so good.
  3. No, I dont remember anything, but Mana has a cover of "fool in the rain" in spanish I think
  4. He says in spanish: "hay el diablo, no me llevaraaaas el diablo"
  5. Its impossible to sing and play guitar so good, I cant coordinate it, you rock!
  6. I don't know how to play drums or guitar really but I wanted to do like a LZ medley to play it just to relax myself after work, even that technically I'm doing everything wrong, some songs can be still recognized, this is me: http://picasaweb.google.com/luizg14/Music#5374352738935390562 Is just like a tribute from a fan.
  7. hahah nice nickname!

  8. Awesome website you've create!

  9. ... Cmon everybody!

  10. Im new here! This is me: Dark picture I got Led Zeppelin everywhere I go! Adios! Tschuss!!!
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