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  1. I got a bag of switches and a lump of coal.
  2. Take the oil, please Jesus. The next time I`m on the western edge of Jackson Square in the Quarter, I`m goona buy another Mirium Ragan painting and long for the bayou to look like that again.
  3. Static kill scheduled for today. Fingers crossed.
  4. Nice Phantom and Tomcat. Does the Phantom have the re-inforced landing gear like the Navy fighters or is it just a jar-head jet? Is that an A-4 in the background? Hard to tell. Love the bi-plane with radials, except for the yellow paint. Is that dope and fabric? Whats the Piedmont plane? DC-3, DC-2? Can`t figure out the one with all the windows in the nose above the F-4`s verticle.
  5. 6 for the tune. -1 for the cheesy Super 8 home movies. Total score. 5
  6. Welcome back and thanks for giving a little life to an otherwise PG rated board. Carry on.
  7. Them Crooked Vultures and Ashton Kutcher re-run will be on Saturday Night Live next week. Great show in case you missed it.
  8. Haven`t been keeping up much later here. I did notice that Tripmender got banned and was wondering why another well known troublemaker/shit-stirrer or two weren`t banned as well. Double standard? The banishment hammer does seem to fall on some heads and not others. I`ve been here since Feb. 2002 and was even banned myself long ago. Most of the more interesting posters here are usually shown the door. I didn`t notice BIGDAN got banned. I`ve had a run in with him but he gave a little pulse to the community and will be missed. Its all good now big guy. No hard feelings. PEACE.
  9. Father and daughter. The acorn never falls far from the tree.
  10. Haven`t heard that word since Prodigy was my home page and I had dial-up. No hard feelings Anjin-san. Thats a kewl name. I wish I had picked Kunta Kinte.
  11. Why thanks Anjin-san. Loved you in Shogun. Noboby takes a golden shower better than you. Sorry, but that sumo-sized samari would have had to lopped my head off first.
  12. As always. Until then. Cupcakes.
  13. The only Mel movie I can watch over is The Patriot. He has a big mouth and an even bigger bank account. Besides, he has more kids, exs and GFs than hit movies. Seems he needs more lawyers and spin doctors. His latest piccadillo with his Ruskie hottie just go to show, MG, take it outside and keep your big mouth shut. Especially when you are on the record. I heard the "alleged" phone conversation that got him caught with his foot in his mouth. Again.
  14. With all due respect, he didn`t cross the line, I did. If you can`t stand the heat, stick to the "What Made You Happy Today" thread. Maybe the sappy, soceer-mom topics are more your speed. Edited just for you.
  15. Poindexter


    Did it come in a box? I`m sure it had to as not to blow the budget on papmlets, tinfoil hats and cookies. Do youse guys take donations or is all this tax deductable? Wait, thats another conspiracy and you don`t file. Does the CIA also have a bug in your head?
  16. You must be thinking of a real skank-`ho, Paris Hilton. She goes down faster than The Stock Market on a Kid Rock Tour Bus. I would wager most people can also get into the back door at the Paris Hilton. Angelina Jolie has to be the nastiest woman on Earth after Courtney Love, of course. What do you expect from a chic with bruised-up legs that calls her band Hole. I just waiting for the Korn/Hole Tour this summer. I don`t mind freckles, you can never count all the freckles on an elf. I think poor LL came out of the closet a few years ago as bi. She will be bunking with Big Shirley, w
  17. I `d shell out $10 for that spread. She does have a nice rack. I just wonder if the carpet matches the drapes.
  18. Poindexter


    Touche` I stand corrected but the last time I put on my flip-flops, I stepped on a pop-top, cut my heel...you know the reat of the story. Cans, I still prefer glass to metal. Besides, I`m not exactly a kegger, cooler-connoisseur nor an ale-aficionado. I like the hard stuff.
  19. Poindexter


    Well let me tell you, the best beer I have had recently was ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon, longneck in a little bar in the Maringy area of New Oleans. Stay east of Esplanade if you come to The Big Easy. The finest collection of freaks and U-Haul Yankies between Austin and NYC.
  20. Poindexter


    So is my liver and beer breath. Bier...beer.... Why the alternate spelling. Save me the leg-work will `ya? And another thing, beer shoud never be put into cans.
  21. I`ll trade you. Its rained every day for two weeks in Louisiana until today. Highs have been in the upper 80s Its a big mud puddle now.
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