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  1. is Trampled Underfoot

  2. I'm cool thanx LZG, hope you're doing well

  3. I don't know Jimmy unfortunately, but I do know someone who is very close to him

  4. Thanx for your comments

  5. Hi Deborah, sorry I've been awol, I moved to Cornwall, and I've been offline, 'll be back proper when I sort out my PC, hope you're good, do come visit sometime and we'll all have a beach party

  6. My pleasure Strider, thx for watching

  7. Happy Birthday to you

  8. is Dazed & Confused

  9. Hi there LZG, hope you're well, thx for the note


  10. Thanx Dan, and thanx for listening in


  11. Your box is full Deborah

    Come and drop in for a chat here ;o)


  12. Thanx for watching and your kind words

  13. remind which concert you wante up Ally, erm Toronto aud ???

  14. 4th sept 71 was it

  15. What was the 75 Zep concert you went to Deborah?

  16. Well I would post them, but I have the whole concert up already, here is the playlist, have you heard Rampaging Cajun yet? it's the new soundboard release!

  17. hi 3hrs, just a short note

    i messed up with hafocordgar on HRC by modifying some of his links, and this is 1 too many so ive decided to knock it on the head and hang up my (Led) Boots,

    ive put too much work in and have started to piss people off, and this is not my goal, I've left the HRC board in hafocordgar's hands, as im done with it all. so maybe you could mention a...

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