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  1. Did they really play 4 1/2 hours in Boston on the 26th? I find this hard to believe
  2. Susanna Reid - we get her in the UK every weekend, I am in love sigh ...
  3. That video is from the NEC, I was there too, the last show in England, but the last show was here in Helsinki (video highway star - Audio speed king)
  4. Thanx Dan, and thanx for listening in


  5. Hi there LZG, hope you're well, thx for the note


  6. TNWT - Getting stopped and searched in the street for..wait for it, & I quote ' Looking suspicious' while glancing behind me while crossing the road!!!! #@*'#ts
  7. My pleasure Strider, thx for watching

  8. Hi Deborah, sorry I've been awol, I moved to Cornwall, and I've been offline, 'll be back proper when I sort out my PC, hope you're good, do come visit sometime and we'll all have a beach party

  9. Thx Deborah, there is some footage of the concert up now as well, I was there!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO8OTfGjaXA&feature=related
  10. Apologies if this has a thread already after watching this vid, I thought it would be cool to start a thread of the t shirts worn by the group
  11. Nice one, it's amazing what turns up just when you think you've seen it all
  12. TNWT picking up some hideous cold/flu/bug everytime one goes shopping in the local supermarket... surrounded by scum, I'm moving to a healthy part of the country cough cough splutter
  13. I don't know Jimmy unfortunately, but I do know someone who is very close to him

  14. some shots on here Laser shots
  15. We could do a cruise down the Thames! Nah, it might be more fun to have like a roving tour around Zep hot spots in Britannia: Headley Grange, Chislehurst Caves, Jimmy's ex-boathouse in Pangbourne, a candlelit procession through Epsom, Bron-yr-Aur (sp?) and Aberystwyth (sp?) in Wales, Boleskine in Scotland, etc.
  16. No good if one couldn't get a ticket!! It may as well have been on the moon... (Now there's an idea) Dear Mr Gates, myself and a few friends would like to hold a concert on the moon..... A zep cruise around the world with Zep playing an afternoon show and an evening show every day, now THAT would be cool, and film screening in between
  17. I think, it is an old fake, I'm sure Steve A Jones will be able to tell us
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