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  1. Great Graceful Grand Galactic Gregarious next letter is H
  2. i wouldn't be suprised to see a guest appearance with Jonesy at some point
  3. The Clash, 'cos Joe was a friend of mine
  4. Ghost of a rose ~ Blackmore's night
  5. Whole lotta love ~ erm......
  6. The Great Zeppelin Quiz Thanx to Francescaemc2 for this :- 1. Who wrote WLL? 2. What's Robert Plant's nick name? 3. What's Jimmy Page's nick name? 4. Where was Jimmy Page born? 5. In what year? 6. On what planet? 7. In what Michelangelo Antonioni film did Jimmy Page appear? 8. What song did he play? 9. With what band? 10. What instrument did JP first play with The Yardbirds? 11. What was the comment that inspired the band name? 12. Who made the comment? (lol) 13. What was LZ's first single? (trick question) 14. Whom did they cover in "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You?" 15. On what Donovan song does Page play some truly weird stuff? 16. Where did the Hindenburg catch fire? 17. Under what flag did it fly? 18. Why did it catch fire? 19. On what album is there a photo of the crash? 20. Which songs did Page play on his first television appearance? 21. What did Page want to do when he grew up? 22. Why did he say he didn't want to be a doctor? 23. What did Page wear at The Royal Albert Hall concert? 24. What is the name of the band's manager? 25. What did he do that was unprecedented for a band? 26. What did Page usually carry on board their plane? 27. Which of the band members hated touring most? 28. What was the nickname of The Hyatt House in Los Angeles? 29. What were band members (except for Page) accused of abusing a groupie with? 30. Did Robert Plant admit it? 31. Who almost always travelled to tours on his own? 32. What is the recurrent object in the Presence cover art? 33. Where was the cover of Physical Graffiti photographed? 34. What is still the most expensive album cover art to ever have been produced? 35. Why was it so expensive? 36. What Swiss Jazz festival did the band play? 37. What was their biggest hit single? 38. When did they first appear on the Ed Sullivan show? 39. When did they appear on Top of the Pops? 40. What LIVE album did they release while they were touring? 41. Did the band break up because of Yoko? 42. If not, why did they break up? 43. When do they sing about my favorite fabric? 44. Who first sang the lyric "Squeeze my lemon"? 45. They've been the rune of many a poor girl...What is the name of JP's 14-year-old girlfriend? 46. On which album is Page wearing a bomber jacket? 47. When did they replace Pete Best with Bonzo? 49. What automobile company used Rock 'n'Roll in a television ad? 50. What was the name of Page's favorite guitar that disappeared? 51. Where was the first ever concert played as Led Zeppelin? 52. How many times did they play at Madison Square Gardens? 53. What kind of amps does Page use? 54. What kind of amp heads. 55. Tube or solid state? 56. Other than Skiffle what was he playing at 14 with his teacher? 57. Fill in: name non-zep songs which they covered in their medleys. 58. On which songs did they have medleys? 59. By whom was "The Crunge" inspired? 60. What is Robert Plant's middle name? 62. What is John Paul Jones's real surname? Xtra points for Pirate English. 63. In their songs are sexual doub-- really single entendres. Name some. 64.Who is Roy Harper and why should we take our hats off to him? (I don'tknow the answer to this one-- some nob on a rock who interrupts pagewhen he talks). 65. We know Page rocks. Name 3 other distinct guitar styles he uses. 66. What's the difference between Bron-y-Aur Stomp and The Bristol Stomp? 67. What or where is Bron-y-Aur? 68. Who is frequently seen wearing a herringbone overcoat, hat and full beard? 69. Who frequently wore a bowler hat? 70. Who almost always had a mustache? 71. What is Page doing when waving hands around during WLL solo? 72.What other than a pick (plectrum) does JP use during the solo of Dazedand Confused. (It's a viola bow. Not a violin bow, btw as I'm sure youknow.Xtra point for viola. Any non nob nob knows violin bow, right?) 73. Bonzo's Gong-- not Bong-- was just sold at auction. How much did it fetch in USD...(68k) 74. What instruments are used in Stairway to Heaven? 75. Where does Robert Plant come from? 76.Which member was snubbed at a Rolls Royce store, then took out cash forthe car and threatened to tear the salesman a new one? 77. Which two drove to Morocco together? 78. Why? hahaaha. 79. What did Eric Clapton say when asked how it felt to be the best guitarist in the world? 80. Which of the members reads charts and conducts? 81. What was JP photographed chugging, literally bottoms up? 82. Name at least one song on which they used strings--not guitar/bass.... violins, celli, viole, contrabass... full string section. 83. What song did Plant and Elvis start singing together to break the ice when they met? 84. In what year and in what venue was Stairway to Heaven first played? 85. What instruments are used in Going to California? 86. What instruments does JPJones play...except for his famous organ? 87. Was it the White Album on which the LZ name does not appear, if not,on which one? 88. Who wrote Killing Floor (part of Lemon Song) hint: not Page/Plant. 89.How was Rock & Roll born: specifically: One of the band membersplayed an instrumental part of a great and well-known song. Then theothers came in improvising. Name the band member and the song and whooriginally sang it. (2 point question) 90. Who, reportedly came up with the riff for Black Dog? 91. Where was it recorded. 92. Why is it called Black Dog? 93. In what song do they make specific reference to Tolkien? 94. Give the proper name used in the reference. 95.How did Page describe Plant's voice upon hearing it? Hint: he says itstill is (after years of hearing it, not at 02 in 2007. 96. In what song are the lyrics" standing on the corner of Bleecker and nowhere?" 97. In what song are the lyrics: "mmmmm, I'm tellin' you now; greatest thing you ever can do now?" 98. In what song are the lyrics:"the river's red?" 99. In what song are the lyrics "baby it's crying time?" 100. What does Coda mean? in music? literally? 101. Why did they drop the a from lead? 102. What acoustic guitar does page use in Going to California? 103. In what song are the lyrics: "let your daddy see?" 104. In what song are the lyrics: "You need schoolin' baby I ain't foolin. I'm gonna send you,yeah, back to school . Way way down inside..Woman you need it." Take your time on this one. It's tricky!!! I'm gonna give you my quiz. I just gave you every inch of my quiz. Wo-man....I said...Wo-man.... you need looooooooooooooove" You took my led zeppelin quiz. you took my led zeppelin quiz. Good evening! Thanks very much for coming out...... 105. In what song are the lyrics "I don't know what I like about you but I like it a lot?" Answers here http://hrcandy.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=ledzeppelindiscussion&action=display&thread=327
  7. The symbol Zoso is in fact made up of the letters in ZEPPELIN, the letters are cunningly concealed in the arabesque artwork : See www.zosoartworkrevealed.com Also when spelt backwards it reveals the letters MADEINJAPAN which of course we all know is a Deep Purple album, maybe the two are related? Shurely not
  8. Don't be ridiculous................ waving? tch windows don't wind down on spaceships
  9. Conneyfogle

    Top 5's

    Top 5 referrals for one of my Immigrant song videos on youtube First referral from YouTube search - feet worship 2 First referral from related video - When Santa got stuck up the chimney - Billy Cotton and his Band 1 First referral from Google Video search - shaggy 1 First referral from YouTube search - japanese car warning 1 First referral from YouTube search - great white sings zep since i been loving you 1
  10. Describe Led Zeppelin in 5 words starting with G (next in turn gets to chose the next letter)
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