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  1. Great Graceful Grand Galactic Gregarious next letter is H
  2. i wouldn't be suprised to see a guest appearance with Jonesy at some point
  3. The Clash, 'cos Joe was a friend of mine
  4. Ghost of a rose ~ Blackmore's night
  5. The Great Zeppelin Quiz Thanx to Francescaemc2 for this :- 1. Who wrote WLL? 2. What's Robert Plant's nick name? 3. What's Jimmy Page's nick name? 4. Where was Jimmy Page born? 5. In what year? 6. On what planet? 7. In what Michelangelo Antonioni film did Jimmy Page appear? 8. What song did he play? 9. With what band? 10. What instrument did JP first play with The Yardbirds? 11. What was the comment that inspired the band name? 12. Who made the comment? (lol) 13. What was LZ's first single? (trick question) 14. Whom did they cover in "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You?" 15
  6. The symbol Zoso is in fact made up of the letters in ZEPPELIN, the letters are cunningly concealed in the arabesque artwork : See www.zosoartworkrevealed.com Also when spelt backwards it reveals the letters MADEINJAPAN which of course we all know is a Deep Purple album, maybe the two are related? Shurely not
  7. Don't be ridiculous................ waving? tch windows don't wind down on spaceships
  8. Conneyfogle

    Top 5's

    Top 5 referrals for one of my Immigrant song videos on youtube First referral from YouTube search - feet worship 2 First referral from related video - When Santa got stuck up the chimney - Billy Cotton and his Band 1 First referral from Google Video search - shaggy 1 First referral from YouTube search - japanese car warning 1 First referral from YouTube search - great white sings zep since i been loving you 1
  9. Describe Led Zeppelin in 5 words starting with G (next in turn gets to chose the next letter)
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