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  1. Hit me with your rhythm stick ~ Ian Dury
  2. I've been fishing in Loch Ness, the place is huge I did catch one but the landing net was too small so I let her go!
  3. Conneyfogle

    Photos !

    I took this with my mobile at a Motorhead concert then tweeked it a touch
  4. Conneyfogle

    Photos !

    Nice arrowhead! I found this arrowhead at my local pub, had trouble picking it up though
  5. Little Tommy went to school with a cat under his arm "Why have you bought your cat to school Tommy" the teacher asked "Well" said Tommy "My dad says, when the kids are at school, i'm gonna eat that pussy!"
  6. One of these days ~ Pink Floyd
  7. I just had a nice cuppa and listened to Orlando WLL... We got one more!
  8. Conneyfogle

    Top 5's

    My last 5 concerts (most recent first) Gong ~ Exeter Motorhead ~ Swindon Status Quo ~ Exeter Jools Holland ~ Taunton Deep Purple ~ London 1
  9. I would like to share this with you from my Youtube friend Amccann7 She's the best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVl5CoQ4Wtg
  10. Hey Hey Mama! Where goest thou, Highway to hell? or stairway to
  11. Ok so it's the ol' just add 3 words and 3 words only to this Stairway to Heaven story (punctuation doesn't count as a word) I shall begin Hey Hey Mama!
  12. You Shook Me Hid eye and set bows
  13. Conneyfogle

    Top 5's

    personally I would have chosen 102 instead ;oP Top 5 Alien Races The Greys Reptilians Nordics Leviathans Martians
  14. Here's a vid I made of Haunted from a Deep Purple cncert I attended a few years back
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